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Monday, August 22, 2011

Life Risk World Adventure

Top 11-20 adventure world largest swimming.

11. Ski race at the track Hahnenkamm (Austria)

The track in the Hahnenkamm length of about 3 kilometers contains sections in which the angle is 85 degrees, making the descent of one of the most dangerous ski trips on the planet. In addition, on the way to jump from a height of 80 m and in places riders are accelerated to 140 kilometers per hour (at an average speed on a route over 100 miles per hour).

12. The intersection of the Amazon (South America)

Thanks to the Amazon – the world’s largest-size swimming pool, deep and the length of the river, come here a lot of adventurers. To overcome some 6500 miles, must guard against dengue fever and leeches do not fall into the clutches of jaguars and not scared of spiders, tarantulas the size of a small watermelon. At the end of the path dared venture is unlikely to find the treasures of the Incas or the lost gold of El Dorado, but the weight is almost guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

13. Hit in the 7 Summits Club

The idea to conquer the highest peaks of all the different continents of the Earth appeared in 1981, has since become popular. Such an ascent gives the right to be numbered with the club members 7 summits, in which more than a century of heroic personalities.

14. Immersion in a flooded cave (Bahamas)

The underwater cave system under the Bahamas has always been a place of mystery. In the depths of the sea lies the realm of tunnels and labyrinths, which are composed of fossils and ancient structures. Those who were lucky enough to get inside the “blue holes”, tell us about the magnificent underwater architecture and literally entire rooms with a mystical atmosphere.

15. Cyclocross from Alaska to Argentina

In a two-year marathon expect the two hottest in the world of mountain ranges, over a dozen countries and 32 thousand kilometers of road. People go on a long journey between the Gulf of Alaska, Prudhoe and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is not “for the lust of fame, race and prizes”, and, most likely, this is possible, when travel becomes a way of life.

16. Circumnavigation alone

Circumnavigate the earth’s axis and return to the starting point, something repeating the feat of Magellan, and somewhere to surpass the glory of the other brave souls – that’s one of the purposes of swimming alone. To cross all meridians have something more than the mercy of the ocean, you should be able to overcome all the sea of ​​danger. After the storm have not gone as well as several centuries ago, there is always a threat to get into the power meter waves and the element of willful wind.

17. Swimming near the big white shark (South Africa)

People are deathly afraid of white sharks, but there are always those who want to tempt fate. You only need to overcome themselves and be aware that although sharks are at the top of the food chain of the underwater world, a person is not part of their natural prey.

18. Participation in the marathon through the Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)

Traveling through the highest in the Alps mountains – Mont Blanc – requires tremendous stamina and excellent training. Those interested will check your hand at the 166-kilometer ring, which lies in the three countries and has a total climb of 500 meters to 9. The competition on this route can get away with half the distance to the battle-hardened athletes.

19. Rafting through the rapids of the river Bashkaus (Altai, Russia)
Bashkaus – Altai river, until recently considered inaccessible. At present, there is rafting on the most complex water routes. One of the reasons is the huge number of obstacles. Members of the expedition to overcome obstacles more than two hundred, and the most dangerous rapids are concentrated in the seven canyons and rugged, “Lower Gorge”. Additional extreme appears at the end of the path, where in the remote creeks near the border with Mongolia, on average, one-kilometer water level changes by 8 meters. And so – over 209 km.

20. Skydiving from the stratosphere

Although usually parachuting at an altitude of up to four miles, there are exceptions. Recently, the most desperate are flying out of the stratosphere. Hot air balloons can rise to heights of more than 20 kilometers, in layers, called predkosmosom. With such a man jump into a free fall overcomes the sound barrier, dispersal to 1500 kilometers per hour or 416 meters per second. Since the first successful experiment in 1960, each subsequent rise or become a new record or another suicide.

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