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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abbas resign for peace, must quit: Israel

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman yesterday denounced Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas as the "greatest obstacle to peace" and said his resignation would be a "blessing."

The comments by Avigdor Lieberman drew an angry response from Palestinians, who accused him of calling for an assassination and appealed to the United States and the European Union to intervene.
Lieberman told reporters earlier Monday: "If there is one obstacle that should be removed immediately, it is. If he were to return the keys and resign, it would not be a threat, but a blessing."
Many other Western-trained Palestinians could replace him, Lieberman said.
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said that there will be no point of keeping the P.A while Israel continues its violations and settlement activities

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eastern Turkey struck by Strong 7.2 magnitude Earthquake deaths and injuries

Up to 1,000 feared dead in magnitude-7.2 Turkish quake
Powerful 7.2 earthquake collapses around 45 buildings in eastern Turkey; reports of deaths
Several deaths after 7.2-magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Turkey
UPDATE: 7.2 quake in Turkey kills 30, injuries 150
Turkey's state-run television says a powerful quake has killed 30 people and injured 150 others in the eastern town of Ercis.

Tabanlı village residents try to rescue local people from demolished buildings, when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake triggered the collapse of several buildings, killing many people. 

Turkey Earthquake 2011
 “My wife and child are inside! My 4-month-old baby is inside!” CNN-Turk television showed one young man crying.
 A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck mountainous eastern Turkey on Sunday, collapsing dozens of buildings into piles of twisted steel and chunks of concrete. Desperate survivors dug into the rubble with their bare hands, trying to rescue the trapped and injured. The worst damage hit the town of Ercis, in the mountainous eastern province of Van, close to the Iranian border.
Turkey's state-run State-run TRT TV reports that the earthquake has killed 30 people and injured 150 in the eastern town of Ercis.
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) _ The Turkish Red Crescent says 25 apartment buildings and one dormitory in the eastern town of Ercis have collapsed following a large earthquake.
Van province at 1:41 p.m, which was 6:41 a.m. Eastern Standard Time here in the US. The quake was strongly felt in Van and neighboring towns, and caused damage and deaths based on initial assessments reported.
To the other survey Up to 1,000 people were feared dead after a magnitude-7.2 earthquake rocked eastern Turkey on Sunday.
"Five hundred to 1,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the quake," Professor Mustafa Erdik, director of the Kandilli seismological institute in Istanbul, told a news conference.
BBC reporter David O'Byrne: "There are people trapped under the rubble"
Turkey is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes because it sits on major geological fault lines.
Two earthquakes in 1999 with a magnitude of more than 7 killed almost 20,000 people in densely populated parts of the north-west of the country.
The 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck at 11:40am Irish time, around 12 miles northeast of the town of Yan, which has a population of around 400,000.
Turkey's prime minister to meet with Egypt's leaders
Turkey's prime minister to meet with Egypt's leaders

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lands in Egypt for talks as both nations are experiencing rifts with Israel over its military actions and the Palestinian issue.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to meet with Egyptian leaders Tuesday to strengthen strategic ties at a time both nations are experiencing deepening rifts with Israel over military actions and the fate of the Palestinians.

Gaddafi dead and final words:'Do you know what is right or wrong?'


 Gaddafi's final words:'Do you know what is right or wrong?'
Gaddafi says: 'What are you doing? It's not allowed in Islamic law. What you are doing is forbidden.

'What you're doing is wrong, guys. Do you know what is right or wrong?'
As they continued to drag the 69-year-old through the street he whispered: "What are you doing? It's haraam [forbidden].

"It's not allowed in Islamic law. Haraam.
"What you are doing is forbidden in Islam!"
A bloodied and beaten Moammar Khadafy asked the fighters who captured him "Do you know right from wrong?" in what could well have been the final words of the ousted Libyan dictator.
New video footage emerged Friday showing the former strongman apparently in his last moments, surrounded and pleading for his life, repeatedly telling the mob swarming around him, "What you are doing is forbidden in Islamic law."

A large concrete pipe where Colonel Gaddafi was allegedly captured (Pic: Getty Images)Moammar Khadafy, center, is surrounded by Libyan fighters in Sirte on Thursday.
Dead bodies of
Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mo'tassim
The young men scream 'Muammar, you dog!' as their former leader wipes at blood covering the left side of his head, neck and left shoulder.
Gaddafi gestures to the young men to be patient, and says 'What's going on?' as he wipes fresh blood from his temple and glances at his palm.
A young fighter later is shown carrying a boot and screaming, 'This is Muammar's shoe! This is Muammar's shoe! Victory! Victory!'
'Keep him alive, keep him alive!' someone shouts.
Another rebel screams: 'God is great. God is omnipotent.' And as Gaddafi begs for mercy, a fighter says: 'Shut up, you dog.' The recording then ends.
Various cell phone videos of Gaddafi’s last moments have been documented, showing the wounded and disoriented ex-dictator being shuffled through the streets of Sirte.
In one of the videos, Gaddafi asks his rebel captors, “What did I do to you?”
“Do you know right from wrong?” he questions.
'Do you know right from wrong?' Ironic last-known words of
A statement confirmed NATO aircraft struck 11 pro-Gaddafi military vehicles, which were among a heavily-armed convoy of 75 vehicles that was transporting Gaddafi away from Sirte "at high speed" at around 8:30 a.m. local time Thursday.
NATO officials added, "We later learned from open sources and Allied intelligence that
Gaddafi was in the convoy and that the strike likely contributed to his capture."
Meanwhile a Libyan freedom fighter has recounted the dramatic moments when he was directed to an injured Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte.
A high-pitched hysterical scream. Gaddafi then goes out of view and gunshots ring out that shows Gaddafi dead on the ground. He has clearly been killed.
The ambulance driver, Ali Jaghdoun, said Gaddafi was dead when he picked him up and he then drove the body to the city of Misrata. ' I didn't try to revive him because he was already dead, Jaghdoun said.
Gaddafi's golden gun was stripped from him. He also had a silver gun.
The irony of his plea would not be lost on the thousands of Libyans who suffered under
Gaddafi's tyrannical 42-year regime, nor did the international community which laid the blame for a long list of atrocities at his door, most notably the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that kill 270 people, mainly Americans.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carson Palmer’s arm strength was a major liability or NFL career.

Carson Palmer is an American professional football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Bengals first overall in the 2003 NFL Draft. He played collegiate at the University of Southern California and won the Heist man Trophy in 2002. He has been selected to two Pro Bowls. He was born December 27, 1979

Quarterback Carson Palmer has been traded to the Oakland Raiders after a standout career with the Bengals. Palmer is entering his ninth season in 2011 after being the top overall pick by the Bengals in 2003.

The conditional pick in 2013 that the Bengals acquired in Tuesday's Carson Palmer trade will be a first-rounder if the Raiders win one playoff game.
If the Raiders don't get a playoff win, the 2013 pick will be a second-rounder. They get the 2012 first-round pick regardless. Either way, it's an exceedingly high price tag for a quarterback that was a shell of the Pro Bowl player he once was when last seen on the field. In 2010, Palmer threw 26 touchdowns against 20 interceptions and his arm strength was a major liability.
The above screen grab of Carson Palmer’s fantasy football profile was sent in by a reader due to some alarming contradictions that fall within centimeters of one another.
The Raiders are interested in trading for Carson Palmer to fill their quarterback vacancy and have approached the Cincinnati Bengals about the signal caller.
The Raiders lost quarterback Jason Campbell, likely for the season, with a broken collarbone on Sunday against the Browns.
Highlights of Carson Palmer's Bengals career
April 26, 2003: Bengals take Carson Palmer with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Palmer, the Heist man Trophy at the University of Southern California, does not play in a regular-season game as a rookie.
Jan. 2, 2011: A season that began with great optimism amid the addition of receiver Terrell Owens ends with a 13-7 loss at Baltimore in what turns out to be Palmer’s final game as a Bengal. He throws for 305 yards and a touchdown, but has two interceptions and a costly fumble.
Jan. 24, 2011: Bengals president Mike Brown confirms that Palmer has asked for a trade, adding he told Palmer’s representatives the Bengals intend to keep him.
May 16, 2011: Palmer’s Indian Hill home goes under contract to be sold.
July 26, 2011: With the NFL lockout over, Brown makes his strongest comments regarding the team’s intention to keep Palmer: “Carson signed a contract; he made a commitment . . . If he is going to walk away from his commitment, we aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”
Sept. 1, 2011: With both sides still at a stalemate, it is revealed the Bengals reached out to Palmer and/or his representatives twice, once shortly after the lockout ended and once the previous week. No resolution is reached.
Oct. 18, 2011: the Bengals reach agreement to send Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for two drafts picks, reportedly a first-rounder in 2012 and a second-rounder that could become a first in 2013.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Iran's supreme leader warns against ‘inappropriate action’ on US plot claims

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned on Sunday of a ‘decisive response’ to any ‘inappropriate action’ over US claims of a Tehran-directed assassination plot. 

A member of the Iranian special foreign actions unit known as the Quds Force, have been charged in New York federal court with conspiring to kill the Saudi diplomat, Adel Al-Jubeir. U.S. officials have said no one was ever in any immediate danger from the plot.
Iran called US allegations of a plan to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington an "evil plot" by the United States, in a complaint sent to the United Nations.
Iran's US ambassador accused Israel of carrying out the murders of Iranian nuclear scientists with US support, in a letter sent to UN leader Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council late yesterday.
‘If American officials are entertaining any illusions, they should know that any inappropriate action,
 — Whether political or security-related,
Will meet with the Iranian people’s decisive response,’ he said in a speech in western Iran, according to his official website.
Khamenei, who has already labelled the plot claims ‘absurd,’ warned: ‘The Islamic republic of Iran will face off any plot, or destructive or obstructive measures, with all its might.’
The remarks came as US officials consult with allies and other countries on ratcheting up pressure on Iran, which is already subject to UN and US sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme.
Iran has fiercely denied any involvement in the thwarted plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.
"Iran categorically and in the strongest terms condemns this shameful allegation by the United States authorities and deplores it as a well-thought evil plot in line with their anti-Iranian policy," Mohammad Khazaee said in the letter.
Saudi Arabia has also said it will make "a suitable response" over the alleged plot, which it has requested be brought to the attention of the UN Security Council.
Britain and France have said they will back any measure to punish Iran on the issue.
Hillary Rodham Clinton saying the United States would use the allegations as leverage with other countries that reluctant to apply harsh penalties against Iran.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his part, dismissed the U.S. accusations as a fabricated "scenario."
"Iran is a civilized nation and doesn't need to resort to assassination," Ahmadinejad was saying Sunday by the official IRNA news agency. "The culture of terror belongs to you," he said, addressing the United States.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


People across Libya have been celebrating the news that ousted leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been killed during a military assault by transitional forces on his home town of Sirte.

Global protest against corporate greed turn violent, police fire

Global protest against corporate greed turn violent, Police fire tear gas, water cannons in Rome
ROME -- Italian riot police fired tear gas and water cannons in Rome on Saturday as violent protesters hijacked a peaceful demonstration against corporate greed, smashing shop and bank windows, torching cars as violence broke and hurling bottles.
Elsewhere, Tens of thousands nicknamed "the indignant" marched without incident in cities across Europe, as the "Occupy Wall Street" in New York, began in Canada and spread to cities across the U.S. moved Saturday to Asia and Europe, linked protests linked up with long-running demonstrations against European governments' cost-cutting and failed financial policies in Europe austerity measures. The protest in the Italian capital, which left dozens injured, Part of worldwide protests against corporate greed and austerity measures.
Black smoke billowed into the air in downtown Rome as a small group of violent protesters broke away from the main demonstration Saturday.
A protestor hurls a canister towards police next to a burning car during clashes in Rome, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. Protesters in Rome smashed shop windows and torched cars as violence broke out during a demonstration in the Italian capital, part of worldwide protests against corporate greed and austerity measures, entitled Occupy Wall Street. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Police force as some 100,000 protesters were expected a day after Premier Silvio Berlusconi survived a confidence vote in Parliament. Italy is rapidly becoming a focus of concern in Europe's debt crisis.
Clad in black with their faces covered, protesters threw rocks, bottles and incendiary devices at banks and Rome police in riot gear. With clubs and hammers, they destroyed bank ATMs, on fire and assaulted at least two news crews from Sky Italia. the TV reported. Others burned Italian and EU flags.
“People of Europe: Rise Up!” read one banner in Rome. Some activists turned against the violent group, trying to stop them and shouting “Enough!” and “Shame!”
Protesters also set fire to a building, causing the roof to collapse, reports said. The Defense Ministry denied reports it was one of its offices.
In Paris, marchers shook their fists and shouted as they passed the city’s historic stock exchange, before congregating by the hundreds outside the ornate City Hall.
“Stand up Paris! Rise Up!” protesters shouted. “Sharing will save the world!”
Several hundreds more marched in the German cities of Berlin, Cologne and Munich and the Austrian capital of Vienna, while protesters in Zurich, Switzerland’s financial hub, carried banners reading “We won’t bail you out yet again” and “We are the 99 percent.”
In New York, hundreds marched on a Chase bank to protest the role banks played in the financial crisis, and demonstrations culminated in an “Occupation Party” in Times Square.
Several hundreds more marched in the German cities of Berlin, Cologne and Munich and the Austrian capital of Vienna, while protesters in Zurich, Switzerland’s financial hub, carried banners reading “We won’t bail you out yet again” and “We are the 99 percent.”
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange spoke to 500 demonstrators outside St. Paul's cathedral in London
Turnout was light in Asia, where the global economy is booming.
In Sydney, around 300 people gathered Saturday, cheering a speaker who shouted, "We're sick of corporate greed! Big banks, big corporate power standing over us and taking away our rights!"
No to nuclear power!" marchers chanted as they held up banners.
"More people agree with these protests than actually take part," said Professor Mary Bossis of the University of Piraeus."There is anger, there is rage ... but what it takes to overturn the current situation is missing," she said.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


MailboxMake a Difference Day, This October 22nd will mark the 21st

Wes Blackman's City of Lake Worth Blog: Make a Difference Day Cleanup! October 22nd!

Wes Blackman's City of Lake Worth Blog: Make a Difference Day Cleanup! October 22nd!
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Make Your Mark. Make A Difference
Make a Difference Day, This October 22nd will mark the 21st

Make Your Mark. Make A Difference

Make a Difference Day, This October 22nd will mark the 21st

Make Your Mark. Make A Difference. You Can! Yes!
Make a Mark, Make a Difference, Mark' Celeb Guest Judge!
Make A Difference Day, the largest national day of service. Make Your Mark week is a great way to great day to once again feel that feeling yourself. 
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Make Your Mark is the first full-length studio album by Canadian pop punk band Living with Lions, released on September 17, 2008.

Make Your Mark. Make A Difference. Yes, You Can!

Mark's Story a normal summer vacation for 12-year-old Mark Staehely turned out to be the beginning of an extraordinary journey, leading Mark to accomplish more in the final six years of his life than most of us aspire to in an entire lifetime.
ET Online's kid correspondent Lauren Kaplan made a visit to the set of The Disney Channel's show Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off – Shake It Up Edition to talk to the judges of this new dance competition show.
Making Your Mark is looking for in the winning contestant, celebrity judge Kingston said, "I'm just looking for them be themselves and have a good time."
It’s happening week! October 16 though 22 is Make Your Mark Week! Generation On is behind this wonderful opportunity for young people to focus on issues that matter most to doing small acts them add up to make a big difference.
It’s of the best-selling college success book by Lisa Fraser is now in its 9th edition and available as an eBook. Used at over 1,600 educational institutions, Making Your Mark gives students the motivation and high-performance success skills that will see them through college of entire careers.
The 19-year-old actress/singer is a celebrity guest judge on the kids and talent competition along with Sean Kingston and Rosero McCoy.
Make Your Mark’s goal is mobilize kids of all ages to use their energy, ingenuity and compassion to “make their mark on the world” on service.
You go to the Make Your Mark website, you can this year of top the focus is on some important kids can issues that animal welfare, hunger and literacy, environment, homelessness.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Suicide car bomber in Afghan, victim police officers.

Suicide car bomber kills 3 Afghan police officers

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide attacker blew up an explosives-packed car Friday while it was being inspected at a border police checkpoint that had been set up in southern Afghanistan because of a warning of an imminent attack. Three officers were killed.
To the difference news that’s ten Afghan police officers were killed Sunday when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the main police compound in the southern town of Lashkar Gah, in the first major attack of its kind in an area where Afghans recently assumed full security responsibility from the NATO-led troops.

To the difference news that’s a NATO airstrike killed three Afghan police officers on Sunday in what Afghan officials said was friendly fire. Two more police officers died Monday in a suicide car bomb attack in the southern Taliban stronghold of Kandahar Province. Also on Monday, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to meet with President Hamid Karzai and an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to assess progress toward the transfer of military authority to the country.
Total news of a suicide car bomb has exploded in the eastern Afghan city of Khost, killing at least eight people and injuring scores more, police said. The resurgent Taliban guerrillas, fighting to drive out foreign forces and government, claimed responsibility bombing for the attack which targeted a police station.
The officers were on a routine patrol at the entrance of the compound when the attack happened, said Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the governor of Helmand province. One child was also killed in the strike that left behind seven other police officers wounded, he said.
A patrolman and an officer – were among the dead, said Abdul-Hakim Isaqzai, chief of Khost province the police, near Pakistan borders.
"It was very powerful, it shook Khost city," he said of the blast.
The police chief said security forces had surrounded the neighbor hood and ambulances were transporting the injured to medical facilities.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Encephalitis virus kills 400 in India

Encephalitis virus kills 400 in India, mainly children

Child suffering from viral encephalitis in a Gorakhpur hospital
"It is unbelievable tragedy. There are five to 10 children dying every day."

Encephalitis is caused by a viral infection from eating or drinking water or contaminated food from mosquito or through breathing in respiratory from an infected person.

Children suffering from viral encephalitis in a Gorakhpur hospital
Around 347 people have died in Uttar Pradesh, while 54 children have died in the neighbouring state of Bihar. Over two thousand cases have been reported in the last three months.
Its 400 people, mainly children, have died in an outbreak of viral encephalitis in northern India, health officials say.
However, far 2,300 patients admitted to a hospital in the affected Gorakhpur area of Uttar Pradesh state.
It was a "tragedy beyond imagination" with children dying every day doctor told the BBC.
Most of the deaths this year have happened since July, doctors say.
Doctors say affected patients come from 10-12 districts in the region, and are mostly poor.
In the past six years, children dying of viral encephalitis, a water-borne disease caused by contaminated water. Viral encephalitis diseases cause head aches and vomiting and can lead to comas, brain dysfunctions, seizures and inflammations of the heart and kidney.
Six months age children to 15 years are worst affected and most of the victims are poor people from rural areas.
Pediatrician doctor say, it is an unbelievable or unbreakable tragedy, children are dying every day.

Vitamins use health & death risk in for women

Research & Study: Vitamins use may increase health & death risk in older women

Popping vitamins may do more harm than good, according to a new study that adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting some supplements may have health risks.
Older women who took a daily vitamin supplement, even just a multivitamin, had an increased risk of dying of cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a study published Monday in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.
Multivitamin users older women just as likely as non-users to have died or been diagnosed with common cancers or suffered stroke or a heart attack.
This study about woman who take supplements dying younger a good example of why it’s important to be research literate. This study does not show a casual link to taking supplements and early death.
In this study, being trumpeted all over the web today, WebMB reports that “In a new study, multivitamins, folic acid, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 supplements all increased an older woman’s risk. The greatest risk was seen with iron supplements. Calcium supplements, however, seemed to reduce a woman’s risk of dying.
Researchers used data from the Iowa Women's Health Study to examine the link between vitamin and mineral supplements and death rates among 38,772 women, average age 61.6. Women filled out questionnaires about supplement use in 1986, 1997 and 2004. "Out of 15 studied supplements, seven are associated with increased total mortality risk," . "Other studies have not shown the mortality risk our study shows” lead author Jaakko Murso says, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.
The new study linked a number of individual vitamins and minerals to the slight mortality risk, including multivitamins, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.
"However, we do know that most compounds are toxic in high amounts, and long-term use might predispose [a person] to detrimental outcomes," he told MyHealthNewsDaily
Researchers used data from the Iowa Women's Health Study to examine the association between vitamin and mineral supplements and death rate among 38,772 women, average age 61.6 years.
"Out of 15 studied supplements, seven are associated with increased total mortality risk," says Murso. Among findings:
Use of multivitamins, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper are associated with increased risk of death.
The association between supplement intake and death risk was strongest with iron.
Calcium supplements, meanwhile, were associated with reduced risk.