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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Caribbean Airlines jet is accident

 A Caribbean Airlines jet is accident
  • The broken fuselage of a Caribbean Airlines' Boeing 737-800 is seen after it crashed at the end of the runway at Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Timehri, Guyana, Saturday July 30, 2011. The Caribbean Airlines flight 523 from New York touched down on the rainy runway, slid through a chain-link fence and broke apart just short of a ravine but there were no immediate reports of death among the 163 people aboard, despite several dozen of injuries. (AP Photo/Jules Gibson)
 A U.S. team is expected soon in the South American nation of Guyana to probe the crash of a Boeing 737 jetliner that all 163 people aboard survived.

The Caribbean Airlines plane ran off the end of a runway at Guyana's main airport and broke in two. About 30 people had to be treated at a local hospital, including the pilot.

The airline is largely owned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Kamla Persad-Bissessar says she is worried that the accident will hurt tourism to the Caribbean.

A Caribbean Airlines jet is seen broken at Cheddi Jagan International airport outside Georgetown July 30, 2011. The packed Caribbean Airlines jet carrying 163 people crashed and broke in two Saturday as it landed in Guyana at night.

 Injuring several passengers but killing no one. The Boeing 737-800 overshot the runway and burst through a perimeter fence after arriving at Georgetown's Cheddi Jagan airport just past midnight from New York.

The front of the plane snapped off and it stopped meters from a deep jungle ravine

Saturday, July 30, 2011

‘Fashion icon’ Hina

‘Fashion icon’ Hina 

Hina Rabbani Khar is a Pakistani politician and Minister of Foreign Affairs since 20th July 2011. She is youngest and first female Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

She is married to Feroze Gulzar and has two daughters Annaya and Dina.

Hina Rabbani Khar was born on 19th January 1977 in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. She is daughter of the politician Muhammad Ibrahim Arqam and niece of Ghulam Mustafa Khar.

Pakistan's youngest Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar is not pleased with her depiction by  the Indian media  as a "fashion icon".

Hina unhappy over her depiction as ‘fashion icon’

Pakistan's first woman Foreign Minister, Khar, who returned to Pakistan Thursday evening after a visit to India for talks with her counterpart S M Krishna, reacted angrily to questions pertaining to coverage of her fashion style in leading Indian dailies.

"You see paparazzi are every where. Besides, you (referring to media) should not do such acts," Khar said, replying to aquestion at the Lahore airport on her arrivalfrom India.

So irked was she at the question that she refused to take any more questions and left for Islamabad.

During her visit to New Delhi, she was the talk of the town, with the mediaclosely following her fashion accessories. Such was the focus that even TheWall Street Journal too carried a story on the Indian media's reporting of Khar's fashion style.

"She is quite a breath of fresh air for someone who comes from Pakistan, "said Shantanu of Shantanu-Nikhil, the leading fashion house in India.

She said, "Dialogue process with India should continue uninterrupted as it loses credibility when it is interrupted."

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week since Norway

Today it is one week since Norway was hit by evil
"Today it is one week since Norway was hit by evil," the prime minister added.

The first funerals Friday for victims of the massacre of 76 people a week ago leap in popularity for the ruling Labor Party that was his main target.

Flags around the nation flew at half mast to mark a day of memorial one week after self-confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik, an anti-Islam zealot, that killed 8 people. He then shot 68 people at a summer camp for youths of the ruling Labor Party.

Bano Rashid, aged 18 and who came to Norway in 1996 with her family fleeing Iraq, was being buried at Nesodden church near Oslo in the first funeral.

Rashid was buried to Muslim and Christian prayers as the nation tried to come to terms with the trauma. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere was expected to be among the mourners.

"We have to stand united and carry their dreams forward," Nesodden mayor Christian Holm said of Rashid and another Nesodden youth, Diderik Aamodt Olsen, who died in the attacks on Utoya island that were worst in Norway since World War II.
A memorial service also was held by the Labor Party and its youth wing in Oslo Friday, with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg making an address followed by a moment of silence to remember the victims.

Music Unreleased- Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse left a trove of unreleased music

Go to fullsize image Amy Winehouse left a trove of unreleased music, people close to the singer say.

The soul diva, struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, was found dead of unknown causes at her London home on Saturday. She was 27.

Spokesman Chris Goodman said Thursday that Winehouse left behind "plenty" of material, no discussions yet about releasing anything.

It's not clear how finished the tracks are. Winehouse released only two albums in her lifetime,

In the studio sporadically over the past few years. In July 2010 she said a new album would appear within six months, but it was never finished.

The Guardian newspaper on Thursday quoted an unnamed spokesman "close to" record label Universal as saying Winehouse had left the "framework" of about a dozen songs.

Producer Salaam Remi, who worked on both Winehouse albums — "Frank" and "Back to Black" — and was involved with her new material.

"We had a lot of things going, there are recordings, but first things first, I think," he said. "We're trying to focus on what's at hand and what her family wants to do."

There would certainly be an appetite for new material. Two days after her funeral, dozens of mourners continued to gather outside her home in north London, leaving flowers and taking photos.

Britain's Official Charts Company said it looks like Winehouse will have seven songs in this week's top 40, which is announced Sunday.

World Tiger Day

World Tiger Day today

The theme of the day is "Save Sundarbans, Save Tigers."

Bangladesh will observe the day amid various programmers with a view to creating awareness among people to preserve the tigers.

A programme to enhance thenumber of tigers double across the globe by 2022 has been taken.

Ministry of Environment and Forests has taken elaborate programme to observe the day. As part of the programme, rally will be broughtout from in front of National Museum at Shahbagh thismorning.

State Minister for Environment andForests Dr Hassan Mahmud said the present government was implementing "Tiger Action Plan" (TAP) to protect the tigers. The project costing about Tk 276 crore will be completed by 2017, he said.

Bangladesh,India, Nepal and Bhutan are working together toimplement the TAP. 

According to a survey carried out in 2004, the number of tigers in the Sundarbans is 440.

Wilde Life Institute of India and World Nature Institute, 70 per cent tigers was declined in the lastdecade while the number of tigers were reduced from 100,000 to 3,200 in thelast century.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Olivia, food, not drugs

 Olivia Wilde turns to food not drugs

A lot better than taking “crack cocaine” that Olivia Wilde has joked self-medicating with food.

The Hollywood star, known in TV drama House and 2010 science fiction film TRON: Legacy, split from husband of eight years Tao Ruspoli earlier this year.

The stunning star, linked to a number of Hollywood hunks since the split including Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper.

 Despite having to wear her “fat jeans”, the 27-year-old laughed her eating habit is healthier than other habits she could have picked up.

“I got a divorce and self-medicated with food,” she said in an interview with Nylon magazine. “But I figure that's better than self-medicating with crack cocaine.”

Olivia has compared her new single status to coming out of a coma. The star, who married her lover in an abandoned school bus at the age of 19, getting modern ways of communicating emotions.

'Wait, people text message? They text love? How do you text about love??’” she mused.

In upcoming movie Cowboys & Aliens, and Olivia says the actor,
It looks like he has been in bar fights. He's windblown.

NPI:Nutritional Products International

NPI:Nutritional Products International

Go to fullsize image

A featured line of products on, Nutritional Products International (NPI) has announced that an online health, fitness and nutritional supplements store.

NPI, marketing solutions for Biotropics and numerous other companies worldwide. This enables foreign brands to be successful with consumers in the United States.

Biotopes, a company that develops a variety of Malaysian resources into superior natural health products.

 A focused initiative of merging traditional approaches to medicines and well being into cutting-edge, innovative health solutions. Its modern science and in-depth research.

We are very pleased that our fine line of natural health products will be featured on," said Siti Nooruhani, Biotropics' supplements, which are some of the best name-brand nutrition and health products on the market today.

Designed to meet the health, wellness and vitality needs of today's men and women.

Developing herbal medicines and botanical drugs, Biotropics ensures that all of its products are scientifically tested and verified to meet the highest quality, safety and efficacy standards.

Japan is model nation, For Breivik

Japan is model nation, For Breivik

For Breivik, Japan is model nation
Japan as a model country in a document he distributed on the Internet, praising it for shying away from multiculturalism, Kyodo news agency reported that the mass killer in Norway.

Rambling 1,500-page manifesto posted online shortly the massacre, Anders Behring Breivik said, self-appointed mission to save Europe, saw as the threats of Islam, immigration and multi-culturalism. In document, he commended Japan for not allowing many Muslims to immigrate, although the country has no ban on specific ethnic or religious groups.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Afghan-US 'partnership'

Afghan-US 'partnership'
Go to fullsize image Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan will only sign a long-term "strategic partnership" deal with Washington. United States meets Afghan conditions, including an end to controversial night raids on homes.The new US ambassador in Kabul, Ryan Crocker. US have no interest in permanent military bases in the country. 

Not want to project its influence in the region by remaining in Afghanistan.Long-term American presence in the country following the departure of all foreign combat troops by the end of 2014.
Speaking as he met defenses chiefs at his palace Karzai said Afghanistan, foreign forces working within Afghan legal rules, 

US troop not taking prisoners or maintaining jails, and an end to controversial night raids by elite commandos.
"Nato and the international community are helping our country. But this will not go on forever and we don't want it forever," Karzai said.

"We are not proud of that. The good news will come when we, Afghans, are protecting our own homeland”.
Critics have said the handover process is premature because Afghan forces are not ready to hold off the Taliban.

Condolences to the people of Norway, US

Attorney: Norway suspect surprised attacks succeeded.
U.S. President Barack Obama, condolences to the people of Norway.
Anders Behring Breivik was "a little bit surprised" he was able to pull off a bombing and shooting rampage accused of killing 76 people in total, his lawyer said.

His client was surprised that his plan "succeeded -- succeeded in his mind," attorney Geir Lippestad said at a news conference. he is accused of shooting 68 people dead Friday.

Breivik used drugs before the attacks that were designed to keep him strong and awake, his attorney said.

Lippestad said, early to say if Breivik will plead insanity. Asked if his client was insane, he responded: "Yes, he may be."
Lippestad said it was "very difficult" to describe Breivik's manner -- "he is not like anyone."

Norwegian police released the first four names of victims of Friday's terror attacks Tuesday afternoon.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visited the Norwegian ambassador's residence in Washington Tuesday to "offer condolences to the people of Norway after the tragic killings that occurred last week," according to a White House statement.

Earlier, Breivik's father said his son should have killed himself instead of allegedly going on the killing spree.

Breivik's father, who was interviewed at his home in France, said he would not be visiting his son as the legal process continues.
"No. I will never have more contact with him," he told TV2.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best friend honored

 "Bangladesh Freedom Honor''

Bangladesh's Liberation War in 1971. "Bangladesh Freedom Honour" that’s Former Indian premier Indira Gandhi was yesterday conferred.

Her daughter-in-law also president of India's ruling Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, received the posthumous award from Bangladesh President Zillur Rahman on behalf of Indira Gandhi at a ceremony in Bangabhaban.

Indira Gandhi is the first among the foreign friends of Bangladesh to be conferred the highest state honour.

Her heartfelt thanks for the honour, Sonia recalled the tumultuous days of 1971 when her mother-in-law took a firm stance to side with the Bangalee people fighting to establish their own country.

"There can be no honour higher than the one conferred for the freedom of an oppressed people and the birth of a great nation," she said.

She said she came to Bangladesh not just to visit another country.
"Memories and emotions flood my mind. My husband and I were present at the airport along with Indira Ji amid massive crowds on the historic morning on January 10, 1972, when Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was welcomed in Delhi on his way to his newly free country," recalled Sonia.

"On Bangabandhu's request, she withdrew the Indian soldiers within three months of Bangladesh's independence. That was a unique gesture of Mrs Indira Gandhi," PM Hasina said.

Indira Gandhi during Bangladesh's struggle for liberation. Both Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Sonia Gandhi saw the pictures with curiosity.

Dallas Cowboys Season Games

Dallas Cowboys Regular Season Games 
No. 1: NewYork Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys
No. 2: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
No. 3: New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys
No. 4: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles
No. 5: Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Football fans: there will almost certainly be a full, 16 game NFL season this year. While I always believed a deal would get done since there's simply too much money to lose, the still believing a sigh of relief as it looks like the lockout will be lifted within a week.
The time to start looking ahead to the upcoming NFL season there's a slew of interesting games that the Dallas Cowboys have on tap this season.

Thanks in large part to one DeSean Jackson.
Thanks in part to Dallas playing the AFC East this season.
Of course I'd pick this game, right?

The Cowboys will get their chance to extract some revenge this year, taking on the Redskins at home in Week 3 on Monday Night Football. Look so far ahead, game on Dallas' calendar. It'll be on Christmas Eve, which falls on a Saturday this year

New England is routinely among the elite teams in the league, and even playing the Pats tough would likely give Dallas confidence.

. Nobody will know really how good or bad the Cowboys are, so fans can still dream of the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl - even if they end up 1-15 later this year.

Brainier to be looking forward to this game, as a Cowboys fan and as a football fan in general.

Long standoff ends peacefully

Long standoff ends peacefully 

Wichita County authorities arrested a 25-year old man after a lengthy standoff at an apartment complex off Burkburnett Road early Monday morning. Authorities believed the man had several weapons inside the unit during the stand off. Photo by Matt Ladesma
An apartment complex between Wichita Falls and Burkburnett has ended without injuries that a long standoff.

A man was taken in to custody at an apartment complex off Burkburnett Road.

The man whose identity has not yet been released of arrested after SWAT officers forced their way at the Arcadia Windmill Apartments, 8074 Tica Road. Authorities had been on scene since a little after 2 a.m., the man's friends reported he had been drinking heavily and threatening them, according to deputies.

Officers made contact with the man after several failed attempts, The man was not holding weapons, but refused to come out for about five hours until SWAT officers made their way into the unit and ended the standoff without further incident.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Special guests Sonia the ‘Bangladesh Freedom Honour’

Sonia Gandhi, arrived in Dhaka

The National Congress president of Indian, Sonia Gandhi, arrived in Dhaka on Sunday evening on a 24-hour tour.
 ‘Bangladesh Freedom Honors’ receive to be conferred posthumously on her mother-in-law and former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi by the Bangladesh government.

The speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Fehmida Mirza, Sri Lankan first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa and Maldives second lady Ilham Hussain, wife of the vice-president of the country, also arrived in Dhaka on the day to attend the conference. The government is giving them VVIP protocol and security.

Sonia is visiting Dhaka on an invitation from prime minister Sheikh Hasina, arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport by an Indian Air Force flight at about 8:45pm.Foreign minister Dipu Moni, lead by received them at the airport.

Sonia will address the conference as the chief guest while Sheikh Hasina and three other VVIP visitors as special guests.

At a function at the Bangabhaban at about 5:30pm, president Zillur Rahman will hand over to Sonia the ‘Bangladesh Freedom Honour’ to be conferred on Indira Gandhi posthumously for her  unique contribution to Bangladesh’s War of Liberation in 1971.

State-run Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar would air live the programme jointly organised by the ministries of foreign affairs and Liberation War affairs and the Cabinet Division.

Sonia is scheduled to leave Dhaka by a special flight at about 9:00pm today. Other visiting VVIPs are scheduled to leave Dhaka on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

The Centre for Neurodevelopment and Autism in Children of BSMMU and US-based Autism Speaks will jointly organise the conference. World Health Organisation is supporting the programme.

The main conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday and the post-conference training sessions and panel discussions on awareness and advocacy, education, services and research on autism spectrum disorders will take place at the BSMMU from Wednesday to Friday.

The government has issued top security alert, code named Grade-1, in the capital to ensure foolproof security for Sonia Gandhi and other VVIP guests.