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Thursday, September 20, 2012

oDesk Office skills test Answer Todays

About Office Skills Test on oDesk

oDesk Rule and regulation of Office Skills Test :

Office Skills Test: Read the Online Testing Policies and the instructions below prior to taking the test

This test will cover the following topics:

Basic Office Skills
Basic Computer Skills
Interpersonal Office Skills
Office Procedures

Duration: The test will be 40 minutes and 40 multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 8 options. One or more answers may be correct.
Attempt all questions since there are no penalties for incorrect answers.
Your time remaining is shown in the top of the test window.
The test is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ or Google Chrome.
You must answer each question before proceeding to the next question. You will not be able to change an answer once you've moved to the next question.


oDesk Office Skill Test Answers you follow mast 100% pass.

Question 1: What are the traditional office hours in the Western world, now much more flexible, though still adhered to in most offices?

  Answer: a.     9 AM — 5 PM
  b.     6 AM — 6 PM
  c.     8 AM — 7 PM
  d.     10 AM — 8 PM
 Answer: e.     None of the above

Question 2: What is the difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel?
Ans: b) Access is mainly for database and Excel is for spreadsheets

Question 3: Which of the following energy-saving practices can be used in an office without adversely affecting company productivity?
a. Use only one bathroom light during office hours
Ans:  b. Turn off lights and computers at the end of the day
c. Turn off the computers between sending e-mails
d. Use lower Watt light bulbs, especially in the emergency exits
e. a and b

Question 4: Dr. Jones’s office, Doctor at sea, Doctor come quickly
Ans: c

Question 5: What does the abbreviation CEO stand for?
a.     Company Executive Officer
b.     Communicate Especially On
Ans:  c.     Corporate Exact Office
d.     Cheat Every One
Ans: e.     Chief Executive Officer

Question 6: Which of the following activities could possibly infect your computer with virus?
Ans: a) Installing pirate software from a CD

Question 7: Consider the following sentence:
‘There are 20 new PC’s in the accounts department.’
Should there be an apostrophe in PC’s?
Answer: No

Question 8: Which of the following are considered bad manners while greeting a business visitor to your office?
a. Remaining seated while the visitor introduces himself/herself.
b. Not shaking hands, but simply saying hello with a smile.
c. Shaking hands from the shoulder rather than the elbow.
d. Shaking hands with gloves on, or forgetting to smile.
Ans: e. All of the above.

Question 9: What is very important to remember to do when entering an office business meeting at any level, especially when clients are there?
a. Bow slightly before your superiors or company executives.
b. Take the coats from clients and drape them over your arm during the meeting.
c. Turn OFF all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices.
d. Turn ON all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices.
Ans:  e. a and c

Question 10: What information would the petty cash register contain?
a. Details of expenses on account of the administrative staff.
Ans: b. Details of small expenses related to the running of the office.
c. Details of expenses on account of electricity and water bills.
d. Details of expenses worth less than $80.

Question 11: In any office or business environment, what does the 'opportunity success rate' refer to?
a. The success of a business in dollar value minus the dollar value of previous attempts to make it a success.
Ans: b. The number of won opportunities as a percentage of the number of won and lost opportunities.
c. The number of lost opportunities as a percentage of the number of almost won opportunities.
d. The opportunity costs divided by the so-called sunk costs.

Question 12: What does 'Class A office space' commonly refer to?
a. Office space on former sites of class A drug offenses.
Ans: b. The lowest quality office buildings in a given area.
c. The highest quality office space available in a given area.
d. The highest quality office space for the least price.

Question 13: What is the person in charge of administering an office commonly called?
a. Office Assistant
b. Full-time Manager
c. Office Manager
Ans: d. CEO
e. None of the above

Question 14: What is 'outsourcing'?
a. Working outside the office, often from home.
Ans: b. Freelancing work to workers outside the main office building, often to foreign workers for cheaper labor costs.
c. A form of half working from home, half at the office.
Ans: d. Leaving work early.

Question 15: You are asked to call up senior executives of your company located in different continents to inform them about the proposed dates for an international sales meeting. What is the best time to call them up?
a. During the call recipient's office hours
b. After your office hours
c. During your office hours
Ans: d. Between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.
e. Any of the above

Question 16: What does 'the bottom line' commonly refer to in an office environment?
a. The line that appears at the bottom of a paper with the company letterhead.
b. The lowest office floor in a building.
c. The same as the dotted line.
Ans: d. The basic controlling factor, notably the financial cost, regarding whether a task or a project can be accomplished or not.

Question 17: What common injury can result from too much concentration typingover too little amount of time?
Ans: d) Repetitive strain injury

Question 18: What does administration generally handle in an office environment?
a. Paperwork and accounts.
b. Specifically, the hiring of new management and middle management.
Ans: c. The efficient day-to-day running of the office, with regard to company files, communication, management of jobs and such as overseeing hiring and firing and human resources etc.
d. Ensuring that the infrastructure of the building is regularly checked and modemized.

Question 19: What is the best way to handle an angry colleague or client with a complaint?
Ans: a. Listen to their concerns and calmly but firmly explain what you are able to do, offering other solutions and options, without getting angry in tern.
b. Show a little anger as a way of evening out the situation.
c. Shout back and then, later in the day, find a place to sulk or time to complain to your own boss.
d. Listen to their concerns, politely explain what you are able to do and if they insist, shout back your own concerns and complaints.

Question 20: You realize that the computer in your office is getting a lot of spam and unwanted e-mails, What should be your first action to stop these emails?
a. E-mail the Regular Authority in charge of stopping spam in order to complain.
b. E-mail the source of the emails asking them to stop them.
c. Call over a computer expert to solve the problem.
Ans: d. Look for a Remove From Mailing List link in the email.

Question 21: What is an office 'memo circular'?
Ans: a. A simple message, usually delivered by e-mail or hard copy and sent to all office staff, updating everyone on new office precedures.
b. A circular shaped memo.
c. A left of introduction by a potential new client.
d. A complaint letter to the CEO circulated to and signed by the entire staff.

Question 22: Which of the following are good office practices when creating documents such as letters, memos, company files etc.?
Ans: a. Always save to hard drive and at least one back-up, such as a CD or thumb drive.
b. Save to the hard drive and a back-up, if necessary.
c. Save to the back-up first and then the hard drive.
d. Save once a day.

Question 23: What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providing hard copies to individuals?
a.     There is no benefit except that people can delete them more easily.
b.     The documents can potentially be edited online and re-circulated.
 c.     The documents can be electronically forwarded, which saves stationery that may otherwise be used.
Answer: d.     b and c

Question 24: Which of the following file formats relate to a graphic file or scanned image file?
Ans: a.     JPEG
b.     VBP
c.     HTML
d.     GIF
e.     a and d

Question 25: Which of the following are the most important components of good interpersonal office skills?
a.     Effectively translating and conveying information.
b.     Being able to accurately interpret other people's emotions.
c.     Calmly arriving at resolutions to conflict.
d.     Avoiding gossip and being polite.
Ans:   e.     All of the above

Question 26: When you are introducing a woman and are unsure of her marital status, which title should you use?
a.     Ms.
b.     Miss
Ans:    c.     Mrs.
d.     Madam
e.     None of the above

Question 27: Traditionally, approximately how many pages should a business CV or resume have?
Answer: a.     1-3, preferably 2
b.     1-5, but usually 2-3
c.     Just 1
Answer: d.     Exactly 2 and a half, and never more or less

Question 28: What are the dimensions of an A4 size sheet of paper?
a.     216 mm x 279 mm
b.     220 mm x 310 mm
Ans:  c.     215 mm x 295 mm
Ans:  d.     210 mm x 297 mm
e.     a and d

Question 28: You send a package through FEDEX to a client in Korea. The client calls up after a few days and says that he has not received it. What is the best way to immediately let the client know the status of the courier?
a.     Give the client the airway bill number and ask him to call up FEDEX about the status of the courier.
b.     Give the client the local number of FEDEX in Korea.
c.     Call FEDEX and ask them to speak directly to the customer.
Ans:  d.     Track the packet on the FEDEX website and send the client a copy of the current status of the packet.

Question 29: You are required to create a cost report for your department, and then present the report to the board. Which two programs would you use for these two tasks?
a.     MS Powerpoint, MS Access
b.     Adobe Photoshop, MS Powerpoint
Ans:  c.     MS Word, MS Excel
d.     MS Excel, MS Word
e.     MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Question 30: You work in a company where some of your co-workers are recent foreign immigrants. They are unfamiliar with the work environment and your supervisor is polite to everybody in the staff but is often rude to these foreign workers. What will you do in this situation?

Ans:  a.     You talk to the foreign workers and tell them that they should complain to the Upper Management.
b. You tell your supervisor that his misbehavior is inappropriate.
c. Nothing, you prefer to keep quiet because everybody else is quiet.
d.    You complain to the Upper Management.

Question 31: What is a 'golden handshake'?
a.     The welcome to the building of a new CEO.
b.     The last day in the office before the holidays.
c.    The common usage for a generous employment severance package when an executive loses his or her job through restructuring, redundancy or a scheduled retirement.
Ans:  d.     The common usage for a series of re-hirings of past employees.
e.     c and d

Question 32: What is the best practice for ensuring that sensitive material to be destroyed does not leak out of the company building?

a.     Always encrypt on computer disk, and shred any hard copies.
Ans:   b.     Shred hard copies save onto the file.
c.     Burn hard copies, save only once to the file.
d.     E-mail documents to colleagues, and then close the e-mail browser.

Question 32: What is 'flexi-time'?
a.     The feeling when time slows down or speeds up at certain times of the day in an office environment.
b.     The flexible use of personal office hours, such as working an hour earlier one day, in order to leave an hour earlier another day.
Ans:    c.    occasionally moving the hands on the office clock so everyone can go home early now and then.
d.     Bringing an alarm clock to work that rings at the end of the day and at lunchtimes.

Question 33: With regard to emails, when is bcc: used?
a. When you want to send the same mail to several people and do not want the To: and cc: recipients of the mail to know the bcc: recipients of the same mail.
Ans: b. When you want to send the same mail to several people and do not want the bcc: recipients of the mail to know who else the mail was sent to.
c.  When you want to send the same mail to several people and want to receive acknowledgments from each recipient.
d.   When you want to send the same mail to several people, but the mail does not support attachments.

Question 34: Which of the following are not recommended when trying to improve working with others in an office environment?
a.     Talking when others are talking, and listening only occasionally.
Ans:    b.     Being as consciously helpful as possible, and offering practical solutions.
c.     Changing the printer ink or cartridge when it runs out.
d.     None of the above

Question 35: What is the normal length of notice period for quitting job in most professional offices?
a.     Either 2 weeks or 1 month
b.     2-3 months
c.     1 week
d.     Up to 3 months, or longer
Ans:  e.     None of the above

Question 36: What two kinds of printers are commonly in use in most office environments?
Ans:  a.     Industrial and private
b.     Hewlett Packard and Brother
c.     Laser and ink-jet
d.     Black-and-white and color
e.     None of the above


Question 37: What is the appropriate response to discovering the printer is out of ink?
a.     Force the printer to deliver the last drop of ink by turning it upside down, holding it carefully.
Ans:  b.     Walk away and tell a fellow office worker, hoping he or she will take responsibility.
c.     Leave it to the next person.
d.  Replace the ink if the cartridge is available otherwise follow the office procedure for replacing or ordering the cartridges.

Question38: What is the most frequently used typeface and point size when creating Word documents?
a.     Times New Roman, 12 point
b.     Times, 14 point
c.     Courier New, 12 point
d.     Courier New, 14 point
Ans:  e.     All of the above

Question39: You realize that the computer in your office is getting a lot of spam and unwanted e-mails. What should be your first action to stop these emails?
a.     E-mail the Regulatory Authority in charge of stopping spam in order to complain.
Ans:   b.     E-mail the source of the emails asking them to stop them.
c.     Call over a computer expert to solve the problem.
 d.     Look for a Remove From Mailing List link in the email.

Question40: Which of the following are proven methods of improving your office skills?
a.     Smiling and being appreciative of others, especially the clients.
 b.     Actively listening to, even humoring people at times.
 c.     Looking to resolve conflicts and bringing people together.
  d.     Conveying what is expected in return as an appropriate response, and avoiding ambiguity.
 Ans:   e.     All of the above



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