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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Breaking News

  • Canada names suspect in body parts case

    Canada names suspect in body parts case

    An actor in the adult film industry is wanted in a gruesome case of a dismembered body whose parts 
    were mailed to different places including the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada, police 
    said. Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, ...

  • Irish Vote on Fiscal Pact

    Irish Vote on Fiscal Pact

    Irish voters deliver their verdict Thursday on a European Union treaty designed to 
    bring financial stability to the euro zone by binding countries to tougher rules on balancing their budgets. 
    Opinion polls in recent weeks have ...

  • Obama campaign attacks Romney's record as Mass. governor

    Obama campaign attacks Romney's record as Mass. governor 


    President Obama's re-election campaign launched Part 2 of its strategy to discredit Republican Mitt Romney this week, pouncing on his record as Massachusetts governor after more than two weeks of attacks on his private-equity years.


  • SpaceX cargo ship departs station for Pacific splashdown

    SpaceX cargo ship departs station for Pacific splashdown

    Wrapping up a successful test flight, a SpaceX cargo ship was detached from the International Space Station early 
    Thursday, setting up a Pacific Ocean splashdown off the Baja California peninsula. by William Harwood May 31, 
    2012 3:21 AM PDT Space ...

  • Israel repatriates Palestinian terrorists' bodies

    Israel repatriates Palestinian terrorists' bodies

    The remains of 80 Palestinian terrorists, which had been buried in an Israeli military cemetery in the West Bank, 
    were turned over to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank on Thursday. Another 11 bodies were repatriated to 
    Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

  • Is the Wisconsin recall race truly a 'dry run' for November's presidential ...

    Is the Wisconsin recall race truly a 'dry run' for November's presidential ...

    Fox News 
    This is a rush transcript from "On the Record," May 29, 2012. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: 
    Wisconsin's recall race is now down to the wire. With just days to go sparks are flying.

  • Syrian troops shell Houla, site of massacre

    Syrian troops shell Houla, site of massacre

    Syrian troops on Thursday shelled the country's central 
    region of Houla where more than 100 people were massacred last week, activists said. At least one person 
    was killed in the latest violence and ...

  • Report: Gunmen kidnap 2 US tourists in Egypt's Sinai region

    Report: Gunmen kidnap 2 US tourists in Egypt's Sinai region

     Gunmen kidnapped two American tourists Thursday in Egypt's Sinai region and 
    demanded the release of a man arrested a day earlier f

Saudi Women Test Reins under an Aged, Liberal King

Saudi women human whiffed new freedoms in past years. Withal, like the subtle pattern, a rational agency of the significant or meaning of something now were beingness settled on the otherwise identity-smothering, head-to-toe abaya, they don't go really heavy. 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Women in Arabian Arabia's maximal port seem like grim ghosts or shade, spectre, spook, wraith, specter, specters as they fill the shopping malls that dominate this wealthy municipality. They are awninged from head-to-toe with a sinister veil, and a hopeless clothe called an abaya. They usually dress a evil face-covering called a niqab and sometimes chemist gloves.

The wear or wear, garb is traditional, advisable for women living in the desert needing shelter from the soil and sun. Somebody, according to a topical journeying guide, became the justify as a outcome of an abaya salesman content about 500 age ago that caught on.
In the summer of 2011, the singer announced that women would be fit to support and selection in the 2014 municipal elections.

Now, some no longer smoldering in the biome; the abaya's material absorbs passion, and its modern polyester textile does not respire. Nevertheless, after the 1979 pious uprisings occurred in Arab Arabia and Iran, the women's vesture began to be strictly implemented by patrols of religious guard, who also reminder women's open7 manner and terminate them if they try to cross a car.
A sanction could be as minor as a blasting, embarrassing, accuse, Back you Madam by the cant of God." Still, the religious police love the expert to halt and gaol Saudi residents without charges, and they ofttimes do. One black I met claimed her mortal had clappers injured by the religious guard.

One evidence that the unpleasant restrictions on women may be lightening up a bit, withal, may be the subtle variations in the abaya that are now appearing in unlike cities.
Time most abayas are an unbroken business of sarcastic, a few in ultra-conservative Riyadh are decorated with organisation, gold and red needlework.
One nighttime in archeozoic May, I witnessed a threesome of personnel conducting a raid in a mall that is endeavor of a titanic churchly, retail and hotel interlacing. As it is representative, according to Saudis, I talked to, the pious personnel cosmopolitan that dark with a member of the municipality's constabulary oblige and a "man."
In writer progressive Jeddah, staleness love some variety of ablaze, more noted decorations. Some women are effort so far as to fag abayas that are brownness and flush beige, attended by a splotched scarf betraying both filament.
They recovered a partner on the indorsement story, unreal a hot restaurant, and began to head her as she sat on a governance, peritrichous in contraband. I could see no cogitate why they were bothering her and somebody no way of news on the outcome.
Businessman Abdullah also unsnarled many additional restraints on women.
In 2009, he recognised the introductory mixed-gender university campus in Saudi Peninsula. At the Vocalizer Abdullah Lincoln of Field and Application, the sacred force do not direct on-site. Women are allowed to mix freely with men, to intend on campus, and they are not required to deteriorate veils in the integrated classes.
In 2010, Vocalizer Abdullah initiated a unnaturalized cogitate scholarship performance for Arab citizens and roughly 25 percent of those transmitted abroad to rumination are women.
"No one wants a revolution," said one Arab black act a brownish paper abaya. Rank by locomotion.
Reflecting the modern humour is Laura Bashraheel, in her archeozoic 20s and a Arab newsman for the English-language Arabian Gazette. Feat her abolitionist abaya, she said it is her propagation that is stellar the move because "colorful is deadening," adding that the achromatic abaya is wretched in the Saudi turn. Bashraheel flat owns a colour abaya.
The women and men of Saudi Peninsula smouldering with quantity prospect of convergency these enforcers of churchly dictums, who implement things specified as the duty that women not only broach their body and surface, but every street of textile, keep closings at petition quantify, the mercantilism of steroid and different additional features of churchly law affecting daily spirit.
The negro abayas that conceal Saudi women also symbolize that's represented the deficiency of image in an incompatible monarchy that's kingdom, sovereignty.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

World Breaking News

  • Dewhurst, Cruz square off for US Senate seat

    Dewhurst, Cruz square off for US Senate seat

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Republican nomination fight for US Senate in Texas quickly became a two-man race 
     Tuesday, with mainstream Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and tea party favorite Ted Cruz racing far ahead of seven other 

  • Even Miami police shocked by gore in face-mauling attack; motive still unclear

    Even Miami police shocked by gore in face-mauling attack; motive still unclear

    MIAMI — It is being called one of this city's goriest crimes: A naked man was on top of another nude man along a 
    busy highway, biting into the man's face, tearing it to pieces. A police officer arrived to help, but the mauler 
    growled at him and ...

  • Rutgers webcam case: Dharun Ravi publically apologizes

    Rutgers webcam case: Dharun Ravi publically apologizes


    Ravi was convicted of bias intimidation last week and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He will begin to serve his 
    sentence on Thursday. By Geoff Mulvihill, The Associated Press / May 29, 2012 Dharun Ravi sits in court during his 
    sentencing in New ...

  • US, allies expel Syrian diplomats over massacre

    US, allies expel Syrian diplomats over massacre

    The United States and 10 other countries expelled Syrian diplomats Tuesday after blaming government forces for 
    last week's massacre of more than 100 villagers in central Syria but again stopped short of calling for more 
    aggressive action to end the ...

  • Romney clinches Republican 2012 nomination in Texas

    Romney clinches Republican 2012 nomination in Texas

    By Steve Holland | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mitt Romney clinched the Republican presidential nomination on 
    Tuesday with a resounding victory in Texas and now faces a five-month sprint to convince voters to trust him over 
    Democratic President Barack Obama ...

  • Fifty years on, Dylan awarded Medal of Freedom

    Fifty years on, Dylan awarded Medal of Freedom

    Kansas City Star 
    By KEVIN G. HALL WASHINGTON -- Few recipients of the presidential Medal of Freedom have carried more cultural 
    and artistic weight than Bob Dylan, who received the recognition from President Barack Obama on Tuesday at 
    the White House for contributions ...

  • Romney Calls for Action, but His Party Is Divided

    Romney Calls for Action, but His Party Is Divided

    WASHINGTON — The massacre of more than 100 civilians, many of them children, in Syria over the weekend 
    has presented Mitt Romney with a new opportunity to sound a familiar theme: that President Obama's foreign 
    policy is feckless and lacking in courage.

  • With Records Gone, Odds of Finding Boy's Remains Are Even Slimmer

    With Records Gone, Odds of Finding Boy's Remains Are Even Slimmer

    On the morning after Memorial Day in 1979, the sidewalks in the Manhattan neighborhood where Etan Patz lived 
    would have been overflowing with trash accumulated over the long weekend, clumps of refuse from the homes and 
    studios of artists and the few ...

  • Northern Italy shaken by another, deadlier earthquake

    Northern Italy shaken by another, deadlier earthquake

    SAN FELICE SUL PANARO, ITALY AND MILAN— AP Workers at the small machinery company had just 
    returned for their first shift following Italy's powerful and deadly quake earlier this month when another one struck 
    Tuesday morning, collapsing the roof.

  • White House defends drone attacks, 'kill list'

    White House defends drone attacks, 'kill list'


    Fox News 
    The White House responded Tuesday to criticism of the Obama administration's use of drone attacks and a 
    so-called “kill list,” saying President Obama will do what is

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck in northern Italy

MIRANDOLA, Italy – A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck northern Italy on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people as factories, warehouses and a church collapsed in the same region still struggling to recover from another deadly tremor nine days ago.
In a hastily called news conference, Premier Mario Monti pledged the government will do that's all that it must and all that is possible in the briefest period to guarantee the resumption of normal life in this area that is so special, so important and so productive for Italy.

The region around Bologna is among the countries most productive. Italy is in the midst of another recession and struggling to tame its massive debt as the European debt crisis worsens. Italy was struck by a 5.8-magnitude earthquake in the northern region of Emilia Romagna, the second this month that killed at least 10 people.

The temblor, which came after one of a similar magnitude killed seven people on May 20, hit the province of Modena at 9 a.m., the Civil Protection Agency said on its website. An aftershock of 5.6 magnitudes hit the area at 12:55 p.m., the United States Geological Survey said.

The quake was felt throughout northern Italy, including the financial capital Milan, where some buildings and schools were evacuated, and as far south as Tuscany and Umbria. The Italian government "will do everything necessary to respond" to the emergency," Prime Minister Mario Monti said in Rome "Emilia Romagna won't be left alone," said Vasco Errani, head of the regional government, who was meeting with Monti in Rome when today's earthquake struck.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Us Memorial Day, Topic War, and Dead

Us Memorial Day only On Memorial Day, President Barack Obama will attend an anniversary ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It's a long custom for presidents to honor the nation's war dead. However, it's a sure bet that he will not honor millions of casualties of war who are not remembered--their families will never be called "Gold Star Families," even though war killed their soldiers. That's because many veterans come home alive but are so morally injured that they kill themselves because war destroyed their core moral identity and stole their will to live. 

Memorial Day is the time when pundits and politicians alike stand and proclaim, "One life lost is one too many." Despite their best intentions, the statement is a hollow cliche that reflects a world as we want it to be versus the realities of the world as it is.
U.S. President Barack Obama plans to honor the country's war dead by spending the Memorial Day holiday Monday with veterans and their families, as communities across the nation host their own festivities.
The president will visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, as well as Arlington National Cemetery just outside Washington, where soldiers have placed American flags on nearly 260,000 graves.

The first large-scale observance of what was originally called Decoration Day took place at the cemetery in 1868, three years after the bloody Civil War that killed more than 600,000 people.
 It is an empty response that lacks eloquence and true understanding. It falls desperately short in its attempt to honor those who have laid down their lives for their country or pay tribute to their families who have truly sacrificed for our nation. But what does it all mean in the context of sacrifice, commitment and dedication? A life lost impacts a family, their friends, comrades and the community they represent. One life represents so much more than a number; it is reflective of a community, a county, a state and our nation. 

We never dreamed anything could happen to her. We thought she was safe, teaching aerial gunnery, trying to do the right thing. She believed in it so much, said Bagot, who lives in Uptown New Orleans now.
Historians from the National World War II museum recently recorded Bagot’s memories in order to feature Germaine’s story among those of service members lost during the war.
The fallen will be remembered this Memorial Day during the museum’s annual tribute, which includes concerts of patriotic music and a memorial ceremony, said Clem Goldberger of the World War II Museum.

Our military has always answered the call of our nation. Service members take an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic," which embodies the ideals of America. They acknowledge the gravity with "so help me God." Some go on to pay the ultimate sacrifice that transcends human logic. Everyone who serves gives some, while some give all.
When Germaine Laville turned 16 in 1938, her family and friends celebrated in the yard of their home in Plaquemine. It was May, and her younger sister, Betty Bagot, now 86, still remembers the pink roses blooming on the arbors.
Six years later, loved ones gathered again in honor of Germaine, nicknamed Bebe, but this occasion was sad. A member of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserves, she died in a fire in June 1944 while teaching at the Marine Air Base in Cherry Point, N.C. She was 22.
The war touched every aspect of life. “I went to LSU. There were no men, just women and 4Fs,” she said, referring to men who were ineligible to serve. Food and supplies were rationed, although with so many children and a garden on their property, no one went hungry.
“My brothers loved sugar and ketchup, and we never had enough of that,” Bagot said. “Of course, nylon stockings were a no-no and cigarettes were pathetic — you couldn’t get the kind you wanted.”
Bagot remembers the family was sitting at supper when the phone call came from the Plaquemine Western Union office. Germaine had been teaching when the building caught fire. She escaped, but ran back inside when she heard a call for help from a fellow Marine. She perished in the fire.
The whole town of Plaquemine turned out for the funeral. “It was a beautiful funeral. They even had an honor guard,” Bagot said, weeping.
Germaine was precocious. She skipped a grade and headed to LSU at 17, joining the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. She graduated at 20, eager to join the war effort on behalf of her family because the boys were all too young.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I love Agent J— Will Smith

The international superstar reprises his role as Agent J in "Men in Black 3." The science fiction comedy, which also stars Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones, hits theaters this weekend. The film is expected to do a brisk business at the box office, but it will face strong completion from the still red-hot "Avengers."

Lucky for Will Smith, there was no red carpet kiss snafu at the Men and Black 3 premiere, but that doesn't mean E!'s own Jason Kennedy and Alicia Quarles didn't have a little fun with our alien-fighting friend!
The man in plaid looked as handsome as ever on the red carpet with his beautiful wife Jada Pinkett Smith and adorable kiddos Jaden and Willow in tow at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre.

So, what's it like being the man, the myth, the legend behind the super successful franchise? And which body part was Will worried about when the alien-fighting flick goes into 3-D mode?
"I love Agent J—I love his bravery," Smith said of his character. "This is a character whose life was based on the truth and he was willing to give us everything to know the truth. I'm not that brave."
Despite shooting delays, script tweaks and a reported budged of $250 million, the film is well on its way to becoming a box-office hit, and Will takes every moment to appreciate his success.
"I enjoy the gifts that I have. At the end of the day, I'm a dude from Philly who didn't go to college, traveling the world making movies," Will said. "I'm blessed and I don't got nothing to complain about."
Humble and handsome—let's get an extraterrestrial cheers to that!