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Friday, September 23, 2011

Palestinian bid upstages Arab Spring at UN

Palestinian bid upstages Arab Spring at UN
Hillary Rodham Clinton, sharing a podium during the United Nations General Assembly with half a dozen of the world’s most powerful political women, was waxing enthusiastic about the success of the Arab uprisings when she gave a sudden shout-out to Tunisia.
“Minister! Thank you, minister,” Mrs. Clinton enthused as she pointed toward the country’s new minister of women’s affairs. “I think we should give Tunisia a round of applause.”
By rights, this should be the year of Arab uprisings at the yearly gathering of presidents, kings and other potentates. Some of the world’s longest-serving tyrants (and once star attractions among the weeklong marathon of speeches) have been overthrown. The fresh faces here represent nascent Arab governments that profess to want to follow the principles of human rights and good government that the United Nations embodies.

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