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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Encephalitis virus kills 400 in India

Encephalitis virus kills 400 in India, mainly children

Child suffering from viral encephalitis in a Gorakhpur hospital
"It is unbelievable tragedy. There are five to 10 children dying every day."

Encephalitis is caused by a viral infection from eating or drinking water or contaminated food from mosquito or through breathing in respiratory from an infected person.

Children suffering from viral encephalitis in a Gorakhpur hospital
Around 347 people have died in Uttar Pradesh, while 54 children have died in the neighbouring state of Bihar. Over two thousand cases have been reported in the last three months.
Its 400 people, mainly children, have died in an outbreak of viral encephalitis in northern India, health officials say.
However, far 2,300 patients admitted to a hospital in the affected Gorakhpur area of Uttar Pradesh state.
It was a "tragedy beyond imagination" with children dying every day doctor told the BBC.
Most of the deaths this year have happened since July, doctors say.
Doctors say affected patients come from 10-12 districts in the region, and are mostly poor.
In the past six years, children dying of viral encephalitis, a water-borne disease caused by contaminated water. Viral encephalitis diseases cause head aches and vomiting and can lead to comas, brain dysfunctions, seizures and inflammations of the heart and kidney.
Six months age children to 15 years are worst affected and most of the victims are poor people from rural areas.
Pediatrician doctor say, it is an unbelievable or unbreakable tragedy, children are dying every day.

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