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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parents accused of raping daughters in Turkey

A Turkish court in the southern province of Antalya has begun hearing a mother and father accused of sexually case in which a couple is accused of raping their teenage daughters and threatening their daughters' friends into having group sex. 
The couple is also accused of forcing their daughters' friends to have group sex, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Two female lawyers assigned by the Antalya Bar to defend the couple fainted while the court listened to two sisters' testimonials, daily Milliyet reported today.
Sixteen-year-old B.Ö. alleged that her father, 39-year-old A.Ö., put his gun to her head and sodomized her while her mother and 15-year-old sister, H.Ö., were not at home. B.Ö. said her father raped her another time after saying there were "demons in the house" and that the two sisters were "possessed."
I learned that my father had done the same thing to my sister," B.Ö. said in court. "I told my mother about it but she dragged me in a room and stripped me and put her finger in my vagina. She said she was checking to see if I was a virgin. My father then joined her and they sexually harassed me with the excuse of checking my virginity.
A.Ö. and his 34-year-old wife, Z.Ö., were also accused of raping their daughters' friend, E.E., as well as Ç.K., another girl who is 50 percent mentally disabled, after forcing them into having group sex at gunpoint.
The prosecution demanded that A.Ö. and Z.Ö. be jailed for 15 years for the rape of each victim for a total of 60 years for each of the accused.

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