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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tornado safety measures released regarding Oklahoma

Hard-hit Oklahoma is usually hunkering lower regarding a different potential rounded involving tornado. The region strike by way of perilous twister yesterday will see significant weather nowadays.
Storms are moving through Oklahoma, Arkansas and other parts of the central U.S., and forecasters say tornadoes are possible.

Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for the Oklahoma City region as a severe storm system threatened the northeastern part of the state.
Take cover now in a storm shelter or an interior room of a study building," the National Weather Service told Oklahomans in the warning areas. Stay away from doors and windows.
The spot continues to be coping with the harmful May 20 twister that strike the town involving Moore, eradicating 24 along with wounding over 250.
Weather could worsen later in parts of Kansas and Missouri. Storms are also possible in the mid-Mississippi Valley and into the Upper Midwest There is also a moderate risk for storms Friday in much of the same area.
The prediction is usually much less dreadful Saturday, but in on the regions of the Northeast might be at risk.

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