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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clinton pushes India.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
pushes India on nuclear law, market access

Urged India to open markets faster and resolve questions on a civilian nuclear accord that US companies hope could mean billions of dollars in new business that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

US-Indian talks with a polite Clinton opened high-level firm push New Delhi to get moving on key economic issues promised and delivered.
Clinton said in her opening remarks at the meeting, the latest in a series of talks aimed at deepening political and economic ties between the United States and the world's second most populous country.

The global economic slowdown has driven US and European companies to look for sales in emerging markets like India.

Clinton's visit will cover a range of bilateral issues including counter-terrorism cooperation, an issue thrown into stark relief by last week's deadly triple bomb attack on India's financial capital Mumbai.

She will brief Indian leaders on US plans to draw down troops in Afghanistan -- which New Delhi fears may mean a hasty US exit. 

Clinton did not mention Pakistan in her opening statements, but did underscore that Washington and New Delhi have a common challenge in confronting the threat of militant violence.

On top of the list is civilian nuclear cooperation, which despite a landmark 2008 accord has yet to overcome Indian legal and regulatory obstacles which could open the doors to US nuclear energy companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse, the US-based arm of Japan's Toshiba.

The United States was disappointed when India rejected US bids for an $11 billion fighter aircraft contract in April, but still hopes US companies can benefit as New Delhi forges ahead with one of the world's biggest arms purchase programs.

"The United States expects to continue developing and selling the world's most competitive products," Clinton said.

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