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Thursday, July 28, 2011

NPI:Nutritional Products International

NPI:Nutritional Products International

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A featured line of products on, Nutritional Products International (NPI) has announced that an online health, fitness and nutritional supplements store.

NPI, marketing solutions for Biotropics and numerous other companies worldwide. This enables foreign brands to be successful with consumers in the United States.

Biotopes, a company that develops a variety of Malaysian resources into superior natural health products.

 A focused initiative of merging traditional approaches to medicines and well being into cutting-edge, innovative health solutions. Its modern science and in-depth research.

We are very pleased that our fine line of natural health products will be featured on," said Siti Nooruhani, Biotropics' supplements, which are some of the best name-brand nutrition and health products on the market today.

Designed to meet the health, wellness and vitality needs of today's men and women.

Developing herbal medicines and botanical drugs, Biotropics ensures that all of its products are scientifically tested and verified to meet the highest quality, safety and efficacy standards.

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