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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alertpay in Bangladesh

Get your money faster, Easier and cheaper with AlertPay! Flexible withdrawal options - Bank Transfer, Prepaid Debit Card & Direct online shopping – give you the choice! It’s your money.
How do you want to use it? Bank Transfers Made Easy
With AlertPay, it doesn’t matter where you work or where you bank - receive a global bank transfer directly in your E-Wallet, then transfer your funds right to your bank!
Any branch, any online bank in Bangladesh!

AlertPay will allow Bangladeshi freelance IT workers to receive international payments conveniently and affordably and directly transfer the money to their local banks.
AlertPay has money deliver to the easiest and most affordable global bank transfer withdrawals ever available to Bangladeshis! Thanks to BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network), global payments can now be deposited locally and affordably.
AlertPay can offer its member’s access to BEFTN which allows for inter-bank transfers within Bangladesh. It doesn’t matter if you bank with Bangladeshi Banks – as long as you have a bank account in Bangladesh, you can withdraw your global payments locally Banks of Bangladesh!

If you have been involved with PTC, PPC or other ways of online earning then you may have been thinking how to get money in Bangladesh. If you have an account in Alertpay, you can get money in the following way.
Earning money online has become a hot cake issue for all internet users. Many options are available for earning. But getting the payment is a problem for internet users in many countries. PayPal and many other payment getaways are here in internet. But most of them do not support all country. For example, PayPal is not supported in Bangladesh. I got payment getaways that support receiving money in Bangladesh.

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For Bangladeshi Online Earners:
Once you have some cash earned in your Alertpay account, you need to exchange that money in to real cash. Simply request check from Alertpay when you have some money in your Alertpay account, and go to your nearest foreign currency exchange holder banks any banks who accepts foreign currency after receiving that payment bankcheque.
Please make an inquiry to Alertpay if Alertpay banking service is available or not in your country. If available then directly transfer your Alertpay money to authorized bank account.
Alertpay will deduct a small amount of charge for sending that payment cheque to you. (Some posting charge $2). Receive that payment cheque and directly go to your any locally bank account where they have foreign currency exchange division. Simply get that payment check money in to your locally bank account. Alertpay has not started worldwide bank transfer facility it will be available.
So, get more money and more fun or enjoys….!


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