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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top News For women, by women, of women

Virtually all women want to feel an intimate sense of bond and connection with their man in a relationship.
In the course of there careers, they have all worked with some amazing women intelligent, smart, hardworking and highly motivated. They are great mothers, wives and outstanding employees. Many of them have however traversed this journey towards being superwomen all by themselves. And some have given up half-way through, because it is hard work to push the boulder up the hill all alone!

So a lot of guys naturally attempt to establish that sense of bond and connection with a girl right away.
They approach a girl at a bookstore or club and attempt to establish deep rapport right away by eliciting her values or doing an incredible connection routine.
Unfortunately, they walk away brushed off by the girl and scratching their heads as to what they did wrong.
What went wrong is that they tried to establish an intimate bond and connection TOO SOON.
Yes, getting deep rapport with a girl is necessary - eventually.
 Why havent women managed to create a network around them to help make their lives simpler? Of supportive friends and other cool women like themselves? Is it because they dont want to, or is it because they have been too busy juggling all their roles as wife, mother, sister, employee to have time to connect with one another?
It is a fact that while men have many occasions to interact with each other through formal or informal networks, women dont have any such opportunities. And this lack is perceived as one of the key reasons by women themselves for their lack of growth, and a critical reason why women still are not present in significant numbers in corporate corridors even today.
With an aim to offer a platform that helps working women in networking with each other and learn, share, grow, we have established the Building Connections forum. The inaugural Building Connections forum took place in Mumbai some time ago. Well attended by over 70 ladies, the energy it created, through re-forging old connections and building new ones, was quite amazing. The event had some lovely interactions with many women bravely sharing intimate parts of their lives with each other and, to top it all, it had one of the most good-looking and colorful audiences!
However, wonderful All are women talked about their lives and their stories and each presentation stood out for its remarkable content, style and the underlying determination with which each of them had pursued their dreams.
 But NOT at the first moment you meet her.
If you try for bond, connection, and deep rapport at the first moment you meet a girl, it will blow up in your face.
Because you dont have enough Social Value to the girl yet.
Its not that women dont like that building that sense of bond and connection with a man. They LIKE it. They WANT it.
They just want to do it with a man with equal or higher social value than themselves.
If you jump directly into Bond and Connection (B&C) routines and material right away without establishing any social value first, youll just come across as another "nice guy".

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