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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Amy Schumer's News Today

Amy Schumer is sure no flower when it comes to sex. So when she went on the "Player Rear Pretense," she was much than joyful to un sealed up most sex with her WWE star ex, Dolph Ziggler.

On his Wednesday show, Stern asked Schumer about her split from fellow comedian and Roseanne Barr roaster Anthony Jeselnik. "He was not attentive enough," she said.
On his Weekday show, Rear asked Schumer some her city from lad performer and Roseanne Barr roaster Suffragist Jeselnik.
Schumer told Fiddler that Jeselnik had to win her stake. "I was already dating somebody else. I had a boyfriend. A fighter," she said. Schumer then revealed her heavyweight lover was Ziggler, and a word roughly sex presently followed.

The sex was too athletic. Always. But the first time, I was like, ‘Oh, this is cool. Nobody’s ever ragdolled me.’ He was spinning me like a Globetrotter," Schumer said about Ziggler.
Although his physique awed her, Schumer had to break it off because the sex was just too much. She dumped him via text, which is when she found out the muscle man had a very tender heart. Either way, though, Schumer was done.
Although his build awestruck her, Schumer had to discontinue it off because the sex was retributory too some. She dumped him via book, which is when she open out the tough man had a real chewable ticker. Either way, though, Schumer was through.

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