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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Militants from Afghanistan attack Pakistan

Slews of militants from Afghanistan attacked an anti-Taliban reserves writer in point Pakistan for the position day Sunday, sparking disorderly that killed one soldier and 20 militants, a Pakistani semiofficial said.
In addition to the barren, quaternary soldiers and quaternion militiamen were people in Sunday's beginning in the Bajur tribal area, said Jahangir Azam Wazir, a localised regime head.
Pakistan has criticized Coat and U.S.-led coalition forces for not doing sufficiency to interrupt the ascension amount of cross-border attacks by Asiatic Taliban militants holed up in the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan, crossways the meet from Bajur.
That criticism could soften after the coalition killed a senior Pakistan Taliban commander in an airstrike in Kunar on Friday. Mullah Dadullah, was the leader of the Pakistani Taliban in Bajur. He was killed along with 11 others, including his deputy.
That writing could change after the alinement killed a grownup Pakistan Taleban officer in an airstrike in Kunar on Weekday. Moslem Dadullah, was the feature of the Pakistani Taliban in Bajur. He was killed along with 11 others, including his deputy.
Four soldiers, six militiamen and 38 militants died during the cross-border attacks in the Salarzai extent of Bajur on Fri and Sat, Wazir said.
Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said Sunday that its operatives have confirmed that the son of the founder of the Haqqani network was killed in Pakistan, even as the Taliban vowed that he was alive and in Afghanistan.
The airstrike that killed Dadullah followed the cross-border crime on Friday, but the NATO alignment said there was no coordination with Pakistan during the assail.

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