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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy birthday is celebrating wonderful ceremony

Human most celebrated or memorable day is  birthday.   It is great to see the continuation of large men communicate media project.  Birthday is many kinds that are BIRTHDAY WISE, WEDDING WISH, RUN/WALK/RIDE WISH, HOLIDAY WISH, MEMORIAL WISH, PERSONAL WISH etc. It’s as critics, but it for sure adds a lot of value.  Even if you do not like or agree with its model or value proposition. Human think it is interesting as an experiment and merits supports for that as well.

When Birthday asked for a donation last year, happily contributed.  Shortly afterwards, Men received an email from birthday wedding telling automatic monthly donations.  I think it is good to follow up. Birthday’s crowd-strategy project was a good initiative to engage the community as such and I gather donators can be given an option to happy joining such efforts as well.

The article was crafted in a wedding style which many people will immediately acknowledge, a testament to Birthday’s success.  It’s namely the openness of its model, its accuracy, and decline in contributions and whether it is sustainable remains to be a success story, “it is one of the biggest wedding sites on the human of the World.” Happy birthday wishes.

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