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Friday, January 13, 2012


Joomla With Local Host

Download XAMPP 1.7.3 form net.
Download Link:

Download joomla 1.5.22 (Full Packages) from net.
Download Link:


Download Joomla+ Template: (Quick start pack)
Download Link:

Create Database:
Open XAMPP and run apache & mysql > http://localhost > php My admin ( BL) > Create New database > Create >

Install Joomla in local host:
Right button click on joomla zip file and select EXTRACT ALL .( The Joomla file will Unzipped). >

Copy the joomla Unzip file > go to C Drive > XAMPP folder > htdocs > peste the JOOMLA 1.5.22 > Rename ( testjoomla) >

http://localhost/testjoomla/installation > English > Next > Next> Database configuration ( host name : localhost, username: root, Database name: testjoomla > Next >Main Configuration: ( Site name: ……., Email address:……. Admin password:……. Install Sample data) > next >

delete intallation file (My Computer > Go to C Drive > XAMPP folder > htdocs > testjoomla > installation > delete it >

Click on "Site" (Top Right). ( Cut All)

Go To Front end: http://localhost/testjoomla

Go To backend :
http://localhost/testjoomla/administrator > Login ( User: Admin, Password: given password)

Template Installation:
Extension > install/uninstall > choose template > Upload & Install

Template Change :
Extension > Template manager > Select The templete name > Defult (TR) > Reload Frontend
Template Modify:
Extension > Template manager > Click on the template name > Parameter (TR) > logo type:....... Logo Text:…......., Sologan:….....

What is section, category and article:
Menu is Section
Submenu is Category
Articl is is Article

Create new Section :
Section Manager > New (TR) > Title: …...........(write the title eg. sports) > save (TR)

Create Category:
Category Manager > new > Title….............( Write category name eg. Football), section:…............. (eg. Sports > save.

Create Content /Article :
Add new article > Title:…................ Body:…............. select section: ….................( eg. Sports), Select category:….....................( eg. Football), > Front page : Yes

Add More with content ( Photo/link):
Article manager > search the article by section and category > Click onl the article name> Article body:................... Upload image and Insert it(BL) > Add READ MORE (BM).

Menu Name Change:
Menu > Menu heading name > click on any menu name > Change Type ( External ) , Title: …............... (new name)
Link:…..............( eg.

Add New Menu with a specific section:
Menu > Menu Heading Name ( eg. Main menu) > New > ( Internal > Article > Article layout ) > Title: …....................(Name of the New menu) , Select article :….............................

Add Module :
Menu > Menu manager > New (name: …...................(Right Menu)(note: it does not displayed) Title :…..................(note: it does not displayed) > save > Click on” Menu item” of new created menu > New > internal Link > Article > Article Layout > Title:….................... (It will displayed in right side), Display in : ….......................(select new menu)., Parameter:…..............(select the article)

Extension > Module Manager > New >select the Menu > next > title: …........................ ( My New Menu) menu name ….....................…. Position: Right.

Modify Module:
Delete Module: Extension > Module Manager > Disable.

Change Module: Components > pools > click on the title > Title: …..........................., Options:….....................

Plugins: To modify icons/ Options settings of backend ( not necessary)

Joomla In server

Upload Joomla to server :
Download WS_FTP software from net >
Download link :
Log in the software with Hosting ID and Password >
Left side of WS_FTP software Open Joomla File ( Unzipped) and select All >
From right side Open “ Public _html” folder >
Click on send button ( The Joomla unzipped file will transfer to server from your computer, It may takes 3 hours time)

Create Database:
www.yourwebsite/cpanel >
MySql Database >
New Database name:………(eg. Testjoomla/myjoomla or anyother name) >
Go back >
Username : …….…..(any name), Password:…………… >

Add Username to database:
User:……………….. Database name:………………… (what you gave before) >
All preveliges >
Go back >

Install Joomla In the server: >
English >
Next >
Next >
Database configuration: Host name: local host, User: …………. Password:………….. Database name:………….. >
Next >
Next >
Site Name: ………………….(Heading of your web site)
Mail:………………………….(Your Email)
Admin Password:…………………………..>
Click on Install Sample Data >
(Delete Installation file (go to Cpanel > disk space uses> Public_html> Installation > Delete) >
Click on Admin ( Top right of jooml installation page) >
Log in ( user name: admin Password: given password >
You will see backend of your site >
For front end open a new tab in your browser and write
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Joomla Local Host
Monday, 23 May 2011
1 ( Introduction What why How)
The basic concept of Outsourcing
The concept of PPC
The concept of SEO
The concept of Blogging
The concept of Data Entry
How outsourcing is your career
The answer of your Question
Payment processing

Some important web site for anasysis
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2. Freelancer +Odesk
Lecture Sheet 2
Open a New Mail Account / Sign Up: ► Create An Account (bottom right) ►Fill up the form►Show My account.(Best  password: Capital letter +small letter + number. eg: Tiger2324)
Sign Up:
Register ( Top right) ►Fill up the form ►Enter confirmation Code ( copy the code from  mail and paste here) ►Enter
Add your Photo:
Add your picture (Right Middle) + Add postal code any other information if required.
Add Qualification:
Profile (Top Left) ►My Qualification ► give tick mark on desired category.
Browse Job (Top Left) ► Latest project ► Click on Project ►Fill the form ► Place Bid (Bottom Left).
Check status:
Click on Inbox (Top Right)
Payment Withdrawal:
Payments (Top Middle) ► Withdraw fund ► Money Bookers► Fill the boxes ► Next.
Sign Up:  Create an Account (Top Right)► Fill up the form ► Get Started ► Open your Mail & Click on the Odesk link ► Upload Photo ( Top Left) ► Contractors Start Here ► Create Your Profile ► Fill Up the Form ► Save profile & Continue.
Readiness Test:  My Test ► Get oDesk ready (Top Middle) ► Ready to take the test ► Start Test ► Continue ► Click here to start your test  ► Pass ► Continue without providing feedback (Bottom Left).
Upgrade Profile: Click on  My User Name (Top Right) ► Account & Profile setting ► Create Security Question ► Create ► Edit Account info & Location info ( if necessary) ► My Contractor Profile (Top Left) ► Add Skill ►Add Employment History ► Add Education ►Add Portfolio projects ► Add Certifications (other certifications) Go to My Test copy ID and pest it in Certification ID field, Name: odesk readiness test , Organization: oDesk, URL:
Find Contractor (Top Right) ►Find job ► Job Heading (eg: Data Entry) ► Choose desired work & Click on Apply ►Fill Up the form ► Accept and Apply to this Job.
Check Status:
Message (Top Right) ►Inbox
Withdraw Fund:
Payments (Top Middle) ►Withdraws
Apply for oDesk Pay-Oneer  Card:
Payments ► Withdraws ► Add or manage withdraw methods ► Pay Oneer Debit Card –Sign Up now ►Get your Prepaid master card now ►Card holder Details + Card Account information + Registration Verification, I agree, I agree, I agree ► Finish.
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3. Web site Create
Lecture Sheet 3
Create Web site: ► Sign in ► Display Name ► Continue ►Create your Blog now► Blog Title (web site heading) + URL: your web site name ► Continue ►Select Template ► Start Blogging ►Posting (Writing in your web site) ► Published post (bottom left) ► View Blog (Top Right).
Edit Web Site: ► Sign in ► New Post ► Title ….Body ….Normal writing & editing as like as MS Word)
Create Link:
Select the Text ► Click Link  ► Write web site name ► Ok.
Upload Photo:
Upload  Video:
Edit HTML:
Level:(Bottom Right): Key word, fro search engine findings.
New Post: New Post ► Write Title + Body ► Publish post
Edit Post: Edit Post ► Click on the post title ►……..
Design ► Template Design ( Template Design + Background + Adjust width+ Layout) click help for learn details.
Add a gadget:
Design ► Page Elements ► Add a Gadget ► HTML/Java Script ► Collect HTML code ► Save ► Save ► View Blog ► …..
Create Tab:
Dashboard (Top Middle) ► Edit Post  ► Edit Page ► Create a Page ► Write page title + Body ► Publish Page ► Select Appear ► Save & publish ► Create more new Tab ….Edit page ► New Page………
Web Content:
Google Search ► Free article for…./ Article directory / ……… / 100 way of……/ Top 10 site of…….
Create Adsense Account:
Complete at least 10 post ► Monetize ► Next ► Next ► Fill up the form ► Submit ► Create Account ► After 48 hours open your mail ► Work according to direction.
Create Counter: ► Sign Up ► To make your First Count ► Write Counter name ►Copy HTML code ► Design ► Add a Gadget ► HTML + ► Paste ► Save ► View Blog.
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4. SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine submission: ► Click on Google ( URL: your web site name, COMMENTS: key words. ► Click on Yahoo (URL: your web site name) ► Bing (same procedure).
SEO by Blogging:
Search by google ‘top 100 blog sites’( ►post ( Write or copy-pest from other blog site / article site /newspaper site or other source ) ►Create your web site Link ► Pest the same post to top 100  blog site
SEO by Blog Comments:
Write effective comments to other blog with your web site link.
SEO by Forum Posting: Search by google ‘ top 100 blog site’► Other procedure are same to blogging.
SEO by Classified Add posting:  Search by google ‘ top 100 classified add posting site ( eg. ►Post your web sites Add in 100 classified add posting site.
Article Marketing:
Search by google ‘ Top 100 free article submission site’ ( ► Submit your article with your web sites link

Directory Hosting:
Search by google free ‘Top 100 free directory hosting sites’► Add your web site to the directory.
Yahoo Group: ► Find a yahoo group – search (Make money online)► Join this group ►Fill up the form ► Join► Cotinue ► Post (Top Left) ► Write a mail to group Founder ► request to group founder to published your web link.
Yahoo Answer: ► ASK: write your question, ANSWER: write answers, SEARCH ANSWER: getting any answer of any question.
Chat Marketing:
Open yahoo messenger► Give your link while chatting with other person.
E-mail Marketing:
Collect email address from click cell blog sites / other site discuss in class/ and send them mail with your web link.
SEO with Facebook
Post on Self  Facebook Wall:  Sign in your face book ID, Write or copy-pest in the box –“whats on  your mind”, create link and click on “Share”.
Post on Friends Facebook Wall:  Click on your Friends Facebook ID ► Click on Wall ( Top Left) ► Write or copy-pest in the box –“Write Something” box,  create link and click on “Share”.
Post group Group Facebook wall:
 ( In some group you can not post but most of the group you can post.)
At First you have to join the group.(we are all khaled said) ( eg. We love rj nirob) & Post here.
Post on  Fan Page Facebook wall:
Same to group.
Create Face Book Group:
Click on Create group from Face Book Home Page ( Left Middle) ►  Write Group name , Write friends  name & Click on Create.
Post your own Face book Groups wall: Log on your Face Book ID ► Click on your Group name ( Left Middle).
Post: write your post here ( Copy & Paste from  blog site or news site or other source).
Link: create your link here.
Search Famous Face Book Groups: Search by google ( famous 100 face book groups)
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5. Affiliates Marketing
 Sign up:
Become an Affiliates (Bottom middle) ► Join now for free  (middle right)► write email --- new customer—sign in ► Fill up the form ( your account information, web site profile)► Payments methods (pay by check)
Create a Store & Setup Adds in your web site:
Join Assosiate ► A Store ► Add an store (middle Left) ► Add a new Tracking ID ► Write the product name what you want to sell ► Search ► Use select ► Continue ► Add catagory page► Add product by ► Select an amazon category ► Select an Item ► Include all ► Save ► Continue ► Name your store ► Continue ► All box Select ► Finished ► Link & Banners (top left tab) ► Product links ► Get link ► Highlight HTML ► Copy ► Paste to – Add a Gadget ( your Blog Site)
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6. Google Adsense
Google Adsense ► sign up ► Fill up the Form ► Submit Information  ( put radio button in “ I have an e mail address….” & “I  like to use my existing google account” ► Sign In ► Write phone no.& recovery e-mail  ► Save & continue
Active google adsense account:
Open Mail box ► Click on the link sent from adsense ► Continue to my Adsense Account ►
Adsense code: ► Sign In (Adsense account)  ► Adsense for content ► Adsense set up Tab ► Ad unit ( Texts and image ad, default select size , color, Font, Font size, corner style ► Continue ► Submit for get code ► Copy the code to Ms Word ► Logout.
Adsense code set up
Open your web site ► Sign In (Top Righ) ► New post ► Edit Post ► Settings ► Layout ► Add a gadget ►HTML java script + ( Title:…… content: pest the code ► Save ► View Blog (Top Right)
Page Rank: ► write web sites name in the box and see page rank.



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