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Monday, July 1, 2013

Suicide news in central Kabul thwarted

Afghan security forces shot dead a would-be terrorist in central national capital these days outside associate degree administrative unit workplace and shut to the EU mission, officers aforementioned.
Afghan security forces shot dead a would-be suicide bomber in central Kabul on Monday outside an intelligence agency office and close to the EU mission, officials said.
A suicide attacker wearing military uniform... who was intending to attack the Kabul branch office in Chara-i-Sidarat was identified and brought down by security forces," the spy agency said in a statement.
With the killing of this suicide attacker, a bloody terrorist attack was prevented.
The incident took place in one of the most high-security areas of Kabul, close to the interior ministry and Chicken Street, a popular shopping area for foreigners until the insurgency worsened several years ago. The European Union's mission is nearby.
The assaulter, United Nations agency was sporting uniform, was killed as he approached the National board of directors of Security (NDS) workplace early within the morning. 

The Afghan capital has been targeted often in recent weeks, with Taliban suicide attacks on the presidential palace, the Supreme Court, the airdrome and a world aid cluster.
Taliban rebels have stepped up attacks at constant time because the us tries to revive a stalled social process before one 100,000 world organization troops leave Asian nation next year.

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