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Monday, July 8, 2013

Woman Builds 'Lego Leg' Prosthetic

In January of this year, activity expert Christina Stevens of St. Prizefighter had associate awful accident whereas ever-changing the brakes on her automobile. She sustained such a lot of “crush” injuries in her foot that she created the troublesome call to induce a below-knee amputation.

Amputee, for turning what has been one among the foremost painful experiences in your life into one thing that evokes U.S.A., for being seriously fearless within the face of adversity and for “putting the LEG in LEGO” mutually YouTube user says, we have a tendency to salute you.
very fascinating regarding this whole ordeal is that I’m associate activity expert. I even have done plenty of analysis and work with amputees and additionally with chair users so I believe that I even have a singular perspective going into this physical object as a result of I’ve been on either side of the therapeutic relationship…

I think that puts ME in an exceedingly distinctive state of affairs to maybe provide some totally different insights for those who may be longing identical or similar things to ME,” aforesaid Christina, WHO goes by the name Amputee, in her introduction video. 

Her insights are distinctive so. Since receiving her amputation, Christina has been sharing videos on YouTube documenting her path to rehabilitation and respondent questions about her condition, like what the deal is with illusion pain, however it feels to steer with a prosthetic leg or and the way to require off a prosthetic leg and place it back on.

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