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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ranbir gifts to Katrina a pair of diamond

A woman’s best friends square measure diamonds and since the actresses’ favorite stone is diamond, Ranbir set to gift her diamond, however mind you the rock wasn’t precocious to her for her finger, except for her ears.
Everybody is aware of that diamonds square measure a girl's succor and good square measure those men, who follow this dictum to stay their beloved happy.
And it's Bollywood's idol Ranbir Kapoor is one such man who actually is aware of it well.

Rumours counsel that once Ranbir and Katrina Kaif recently came out along to pay some quality time, they couple apparently terminated up walking into a jewelry store.
Now it's no hidden news that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor square measure chemical analysis one another, however to avoid media speculations the pair has not confirmed regarding their secret romance nonetheless.
It was recently told you that the pair had eloped to an overseas country for a vacation and currently news is that the actors celebrated the birthday of the leggy young girl Katrina along. Not simply this! Katrina additionally received a special gift from beau Ranbir Kapoor.

Yes! Ranbir bought lovely diamond earrings for the gorgeous girl who was simply over happy to receive them. Grapevines say that Ranbir picked up his girlfriend Katrina from her place in his white Mercedes.
From there they drove to Taj Colaba edifice to dine and ring in Katrina’s birthday. From there they visited a jewelry store wherever Ranbir bought her a combine of adornment for her ears.
They were along throughout the evening. initial they visited the special screening of Anand Gandhi’s motion picture Ship of Theseus that was organized by Aamir Khan. Later they drove for dinner to Chinese eating house Yauatcha at Bandra Kurla advanced.”
Well, we predict that the actor might need a blast with the foremost fascinating bachelor within the city.
During the lunch once Ranbir saw that Katrina don’t have wear something in her ears then he take her to style jewellery search and purchased a fashionable ear rings for Katrina Kaif as present. each creator were wanting terribly happy, Katrina like Ranbir’s gifts considerably and thanks him.
It ought to detain mind that Katrina had an ideal affair with super star Salman Khan before Ranbir. Currently Ranbir and Katrina square measure terribly shut and that they square measure wanting along currently days.
Now decision it Ranbir's present for Katrina or pure love for the woman, the person bought a combine of sparkling diamond for his girl. Sweet is not it?

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