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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Marries

This has been a busy week for Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg. First there was the well-documented Initial Public Offering (IPO) for his company, which saw the social network giant valued at over $100bn. Zuckerberg then announced his wedding, on the 900 million-strong social network, to long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan. It seemed appropriate, and we really could not think of a better way, to celebrate the occasion by posting on his personal Facebook page. The 28 year old techie changed his relationship status to "married" and uploaded a photograph of the wedding.

According to a source close to the couple, who was quoted in a report by Tech Crunch, the wedding has been in the pipeline for four to five months. Meanwhile, Chan graduated from medical school on Monday and the Zuckerberg's 28th birthday all made it a very wonderful time for the couple. The third week of May will undoubtedly be etched among the fondest of their memories for years to come.

Zuckerberg and 27 year old Chan reportedly first met at Harvard, where Facebook took birth. Apparently, according to a story on The Harvard Crimson, Zuckerberg was on campus to recruit for his company, which was then a start-up. He was sitting outside when Chan walked past.

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