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Saturday, May 12, 2012

World top Romantic Honeymoon Place

There are top Romantic Honeymoon place in the world .According to the beauty place where they can enjoy. Beaches and parks are a spectrum of nature.
Puri Mas Boutique Hotel & Spa Part Two
- Visit a Sasak village, such as Sade, north of Kuta, to experience life and traditions of Lombok’s indigenous people, local architecture and the Lingsar Temple complex which combines Hindu and Muslim places of worship.

- Head north to the spectacular Sendang Gile waterfalls, stopping by the Monkey Forest (aka Pusuk Pass) on the way.
- Earmark Lombok's handicrafts as mementos of a special trip. Ikat weaving and pottery are the mainstays, visit Banyumulek, Masbajik and Penujak

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