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Sunday, May 6, 2012

World Laughter Day’2012

Assuming you're not suffering from anything more serious than hiccups, laughter is - as everybody knows - the best medicine. It's also something that you could be hearing a lot of today. 

Dr Madan Kataria may not have invented laughter (that was, of course, Professor Roger Chuckles in 1924), but he did bring us Laughter Yoga, the movement that encourages unconditional chortling for physiological and psychological benefits, and with it World Laughter Day.Traditionally held on the first Sunday in May each year, WLD has aimed to bring "World Peace Through Laughter" since 1998. 

In that time, 6,000 "Laughter Clubs" have reportedly opened across the world and now, according to Snigger-Master General Kataria, 70 countries will be celebrating the event, which should see thousands break out into unprovoked fits of giggles.

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  1. World Laughter Day’2012 "World Peace Through Laughter"