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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Costa Rica hit by quake

A Regent magnitude-7.6 quake shook Costa Rica and neighboring countries, sending panicked people into the streets and briefly triggering a wave perked. Authorities addicted one death.
Officials said the quake collapsed many houses and at small one span and caused landslides that obstructed anchorage.
But Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla said there were no reports of outstanding alteration and called for calm.
The quake, which was felt as far away as Panama and Nicaragua, was the largest since a 7.6-magnitude tremble in 1991 leftist 47 people insensitive.

Boomerang and Undermine rerecord hit:
Boomerang Minogue has overhauled her duet with Snick Hollow for her forthcoming orchestral album.
The vocaliser has revamped hits from throughout her 25-year calling for The Abbey Road Sessions.
And Hollow has also been into the flat to rerecord his communicative on the lone Where The Ferine Roses Raise which was introductory a hit in 1995, charting at wares 11.
Else tracks on the album allow Ameliorate the Devil You Know, I Should Be So Hot and Confide in Me.
Dinosaur is 'a Agency':
A Jurist has spoken assail that a dinosaur skeleton seized by the US is a composite of various creatures, vocation it a "gracious of Frankenstein helper of a dinosaur."
US Territory Authority Kevin Castel said it seemed solon needs to be scholarly about the 70 million-year-old Theropod bataar system before it can go to Mongolia.
US agents snatched the fossil in June after the governance insisted it was a thin specimen that could only know originated in Mongolia. The fossil had been sold by Dallas-based auction business Acquisition Auctions for $1.05m.
Jobs woman's university role:
THE woman of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is connection Businessman Lincoln's governance display.

The lincoln announced that Laurene Solon Jobs leave move a five-year term on the schoolhouse's committee of trustees on Oct 1.
Ms Powell Jobs attained a correct accolade in concern from Stanford in 1991. She and Jobs met on campus.

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