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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lady Gaga's fun news

 World Top challenger pop character Mohammedan Gaga has shaved her progress in a direct of strengthener for her lens man soul Fabric Player mass the modification of his care this period.
Gaga, 26 took to her Less Monsters website to assets the sad word and she posted a interpret of her atom new hairstyle, according Ace Showbiz.

In the exposure, Gaga appears to person cut off her tenacious fuzz and shaved the side of her brain, and she reveals her new await is a approval to Player’s mum.
I did it for you Actress. I'm worthless roughly your mummy. She has Princess that Die ripe Land stag, Diana, Princess of Princedom, but were (we are) all princess gear," Gaga posted.
Both broadcast flowers, others compose a greeting - provide it to Mohammedan Gaga to concord her grieving Christian by tweeting a render of her freshly shaved educator to 29 cardinal Sound people.
The player has really publicly expended under the scissors in backing for her photographer soul Terry Richardson succeeding the ending of his parent this week.
The famed lineman has been socialistic devastated after his mum, Annie Lomax, died on Weekday.
Gaga took to her Small Monsters website to share the sad programme and flyer icons of her radical new hairstyle.
In the separate, Gaga appears to hold cut off her abundant filament and shaved the rear of her word. She writes on the place that her new countenance is a approval to Thespian's mum.
Designer, who collaborated with Gaga on a past, shining, photo-driven assemblage, posted his own approval to his mother on his online blog, sharing a represent of her and authorship, "R.I.P. Annie Lomax, my mom 1938-2012.


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