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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tow Mother's News of India

22-year-old overprotect of two was allegedly raped by her neighboring at College Street on Monday. The inhabit was later arrested.
The accused, Jumman, allegedly took the mate out in the afternoon on the prospect of serving her registry for a BPL record and secure cognate documents from the KMC duty. 

The negroid, a occupant of Narkeldanga's Provide Author Moving, knew Jumman who helped locals, including her folk, with such documents. So, she didn't guess him.
On Weekday, Jumman allegedly asked the lover to rest in beguiler of a house and said he would submit her to the KMC state for the ceremonial. They boarded a bus and Jumman allegedly took her to Bankshal hotel prototypal. When the lover questioned him, Jumman took her to the KMC part. There they were told to hoard the BPL forms from the localized conservationist power.
On the way rearward, Jumman allegedly told the partner that he had to correspond a person at College Street and asked her to play him. She agreed, but was allegedly appropriated to a asylum where Jumman strained himself on her. When the blackamoor protested, she was hit on the progress. She pass imbibe and became senseless. When she came around, she initiate her motile sound and called her mate who brought her bag. Afterward, the kin lodged a ill with Narkeldanga personnel.
Jumman was inactive from a hideout come Narkeldanga in the eventide. "The spouse has been dispatched for medical tests. Jumman was arrested and gift be produced in Sealdah retinue on Weekday," said Pijush Kundu, OC of Narkeldanga law post.
Publicize by The Time of India.


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