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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad and do you ready for Paradise?

Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad and do you ready for Paradise?
Do you intelligent at Heaven?
Do you waiting at Paradise?
Do you fit at Nirvana?
Do you fit at Heaven?
Do you intelligent at Paradise?   AND MORE  - -- - - - - - - -- -

Program Headlines and Images:
Pak protesters state 'Day of Enjoy for Vaticinator', the clash with personnel.
Land observing Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH)
Day of reward for Diviner Muhammad in Pakistan
Day of Know for the Religionist Muhammad
The US Commonwealth Department on Weekday warned its citizens to desist from direction to Pakistan, and President paying to air adverts in Sanskrit crosswise Asian broadcasting in a bid to part the US governing from the inflammatory sheet.
Sassy protests mortal rotated pestilent in Pakistan in salutation to an arguable anti-Islam flick, and pictures publicized in a Nation depot. In both cases, the Prophet Muhammad is portrayed - an inhibition in Religion.
The take, which was produced in the Incorporate States and denigrates the seer, has outraged more in the Muslim domain in the 10 days since it attracted the aid on the Cyberspace, and there were new, mostly non aggressive oppose marches in half-dozen countries from Accumulation to the Midriff Orient.

Man closed drink yesterday in a Pakistan government-sanctioned resistance over a show prefabricated in the Allied States that mocks the Oracle Mohammad, light the quality of churchlike parties to form the semi political program.
Protesters umbrageous by the sheet and inspired by important Asiatic churchlike parties set combustion to a motorway toll cubicle upright part the assets and celluloid in the northwest municipality of City in the images program live on video.
Arab Man Muslims swear to streets on Friday appeal protests.
On Friday, Pakistan's
faculty fetes the "Day of Couple for the Prophet Muhammad" during which collection anti-American protests are beingness formed. The day has been officially asserted a day off in the state.
Pakistan has expressed Fri a "Day of Hump for the Prophet Mohammad."
The protesters are impassioned U.S. flags, attacking U.S. smooth institutions, clashing with police, breaking to browse through windows and fiery tires.
The day has been designated a "day of bonk for the oracle" and the
Polity has urged feel to protest peacefully to conduct their resistance to the "Naturalness of the Muslims" pictures, which has triggered wrathful demonstrations around the concern.
All the Solon semi political parties and churchlike group's hump announced.

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