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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Loss News

In a game full of tipped passes, miscommunication with receivers, and an unproductive defense, there was a plethora of potential excuses for the Dallas Cowboys loss.
But for Romo himself it was his performance,
in which he matched a career high with five interceptions,
two of which were returned for touchdowns by two of Chicago's 30-something defenders, that led to the Bears 34-18 victory on Monday night.
"I can't try and do too much, and I think I tried to do too much tonight," Romo said. "Going forward I just have to do my job. And I will. ... I have to do my job. The competitive side takes over sometimes and tries to make a play."
As time mercifully wound down, when the clock wouldn't allow any more Cowboys mistakes, a slow clap began to build among the faithful at Cowboys Stadium. The Bears faithful, that is.
"Oh, we travel well," Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said.
Those Bears fans were the only ones left in the mammoth structure nicknamed Jerry World, and they soaked it up. Literally. Right before the 34-18 massacre at the expense of the Cowboys ended, a steady rain hit the field. An apt metaphor for the Cowboys (2-2), who showed up expecting a showcase game and left limping into their bye week, wishing their TV had auto-delete for these highlights.
With quarterback Tony Romo throwing a whopping five interceptions, with receiver Dez Bryant dropping a wide-open deep ball, with running back DeMarco Murray fumbling, with cornerback Morris Claiborne watching receiver Devin Hester blow by him for a score -- it will be all lowlights.
And now, they have a week to think about it. To improve, yes. But also to ponder. Murray predicted it would "seem like forever."

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