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Friday, October 19, 2012

oDesk MS Excel 2007 Test Answers today, Part-2

Hi, How to pass you following the odesk MS Excel 2007 Test 2012 Today Part-2

Questions 41: Which lookup function should be used when the comparison values are located in a column to the left of the data that is to be found?

Questions 42: Which scoping method should be used to conditionally format a set of fields in the values area for all levels in the hierarchy of data?
a.         Scoping by selection
Ans:  b.  Scoping by corresponding field
Ans:   c. Scoping by value field
d.         All of the above

Questions 43: Where can the “Show all comments” command be found?
c. On the Review tab

Questions 44: Which of the following is not true about an offline cube file
a. it stores data in the form of an OLAP cube.
Ans: b. The file format fro an offline cube file is .CUE.
c. It allows you to keep on working with the PivotTable and PivotChart reports when the server is unavailable.

Questions 45: What is the significance of the red symbol at the top right corner of the cell, as shown in the picture?
b. It signifies that the cell contains a comment.

Questions 46: Which of the following is not true regarding naming a cell?
a. Names are case sensitive.

Questions 47: Which of the following options should be used to create a connection to a shared network folder, as shown in the picture?

Questions 48: Which of the following charts shows numerical values on the vertical (value) axis and textual groupings (or categories) on the horizontal axis?
c. Area charts

Questions 49: Which of the following options would you choose to clear a PivotChart report?
a. On the Analyze tab, in the Data group, click on Clear and then click “Clear All”.

Questions 50: Which of the following wildcard characters can be used as comparison criteria for Text Filters?
Ans: d. All of the above.

Questions 51: Which tab should be used to display or hide axes?
b. Layout tab

Questions 52: When would you use smart graphic?
a. List information b. create a matrix illustration c. Show a relationship between parts, such as overlapping concepts

Questions 53: Which tab is required to work with Macros?
b. Developer tab. e. View tab

Questions 54: Referring to the given image, point out which option should be selected to automatically save a backup copy of a workbook.
b. B General options

Questions 55: Which keyboard shortcut re-calculates all formulas in all open workbooks, regardless of whether or not they have change3d since the last time?
d. None of above.

Questions 56: Refer to the given image Which line style option should be used to specify the style used for the end  of the line?
c. C

Questions 57: Which of the following is not true about the Watch Window?
c. There can be two Watch windows per cell.

Questions 58: How would you select an entire PivotalTable report?
b.  On the Options tab, in the Actions group, click Select, and then click Entire PivotTable.

Questions 59: A Macro can be digitally signed.
a. True

Questions 60: What would be the result, when =T(A4) is applied on the given table?
a. The text TRUE is returned

Questions 61: When you freeze panes, you select specific rows or columns that remain visible when scrolling in the worksheet.
a. True

Questions 62: Which among the following options displays Legend entries in the given picture?
c. C

Questions 63: What is the purpose of using the Keep text flat option, as shown in the picture?
a. It prevents the text inside the wordart from rotating when rotate wordArt is rotated.

Questions 64: Which of the given methods would you follow to add an alternative text to a picture?
a. Right-click the picture, click Size and Properties.Click the Alt Text tab, and then in the Alternative text box, enter your text.

Questions 65: Some data is to be refreshed in an imported XML file. Where can the command on the Ribbon be found?
c. On the Developer tab

Q40: Refer to the given image Which of the following password options uses an encryption method?
c. Both a and b

Questions 66: Refer to the given picture, which option causes the last row in the table to appear and displays the word Total in the leftmost cell?
b. B  (total row)

Questions 67: What is the option on the Document Inspector that finds the content type information?
c.  Document Properties and Personal Information

Questions 68: How will you find cells with data validation?
a. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the arrow next to Find & Select,, then click Go -To Special. Click on Data Validation, and then click All

Questions 69: For XY (scatter) and bubble charts, error bars for the x values, the y values , or both can be displayed. 
a. true

Questions 70: How should blank cells be inserted on a Worksheet?
c. Both a and b

Questions 71: Case-sensitive sorting of text in Excel2007 can be performed.
a. True

Questions 72: Which of the following is true about a freeform shape?
d. All of the above is true

Questions 73: Which keyboard shortcut should be used to enter the current time?

Questions 74: Deleting the PivotChart report automatically deletes the associated  PivotTable report.
b. False

Questions 75: Which of the following is a default method of a PivotTable report for scoping the conditional format of a fields in the values area?
a. By selection

Questions 76: Which method will you use to update table data from a Sharepoint list?
c. In the Design tab, On the External Data Tools group, Click Refresh

Questions 77: How will you display the Go To dialog box?
b. You will press F5

Questions 78: Which part of the formula displays references in the given picture?
b. B

Questions 79: Which of the given Document properties includes both file system properties and statistics that are maintained by Office programs for the user?
a. Automatically updated properties

Questions 80: Which keyboard shortcut should be used to minimize or restore the ribbon?
c. CTRL+F1

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