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Thursday, October 18, 2012

odesk MS Excel 2007 Test Answers Part-1

How to easy pass the odesk MS Excel 2007 Test 2012 Today Part-1 Blow follow:

Questions 1: You start Microsoft Excel and you do not want it to automatically run a macro upon starting. What will you do?
Ans: Hold down the CTRL key during startup

Questions 2: How does the AutoComplete feature in Excel help you save time?
Ans: It automatically completes abbreviated words

Questions 3: The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'Z'?
Ans: It copies the formatting properties from one cell to another

Questions 4: The figure shows the AutoFit Selection menu option. What function does it perform?
Ans: It automatically resizes the column height and width to the minimum necessary to fit the contents of the selected cell

Questions 5: The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'A'?
Ans: It is used to add a hyperlink

Questions 6: Which of the following options would be used if you need to insert a 77889867810070809 number in a cell?
Ans: Apply the Text Format to empty cells, and then type the numbers

Questions 7: What is the quickest way to select all the columns on a worksheet?
Ans: Click on the gray rectangle on the upper left corner of the worksheet where the column headings and row headings meet

Questions 8: Suppose the value in cell A1 is John and B1 is Smith then which of the following function you will use to get the John_Smith in C1 cell?
Ans: A_B

Questions 9: How can you select all the blank cells in your worksheet?
Ans: This must be done manually as it is not automated through any built-in feature

Questions 10: The figure shows an Excel worksheet. If you want to freeze the row showing the months (row 1) and the column showing the products (column A), what should you do?
Ans: Select the cell A1 and click on Freeze Panes under the menu Window->Freeze Panes

Questions 11: Which of the following functions would return a value of 8?
Ans: b and c

Questions 12: You select the row headings 10, 11 and 12 and then choose the menu option Insert->Rows. What will happen?
Ans: 3 new rows will be inserted after row 9

Questions 13: The figure shows a view of the Drawing Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'X' ?
Ans: It inserts a Diagram or Organization Chart in the worksheet

Questions 14: When using Document Workspaces, you cannot work directly on the Document Workspace copy, but you can work on your own copy which you can update periodically with changes that have been saved to the copy on the Document Workspace site.

Questions 15: You have created a worksheet which consists of confidential data. You want that these values, although present in the worksheet, should remain hidden and as a result the cells containing this data should appear blank in the worksheet. Which method will help you do this?
Ans: Select the cells, open the Window menu and click on Hide

Questions 16: Which of the following Date and Time function you will use to return the serial number of the last day of the month before or after a specified number of months?

Questions 17: The figure shows a view of the Standard Toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter 'Y'?
Ans: It adds up the values in the selected cells

Questions 18: Which of the following errors appears when an invalid argument is passed while converting a number from one number system to another system?
Ans: #N/A

Questions 19: Which of the following function you will use to find the highest number in a series of numbers?
Ans: MAX(B1:B3)

Questions 20: You have entered 4/6 as data in a cell without applying any formats to it. By default, Excel will treat this data entry as a:
Ans: Date

Questions 21: What will be the output of the function IF(ISNA(MODE(B1:B4)),0,MODE(B1:B4)) when it is applied to the data series given below?

Questions 22: AutoFilter drop-downs are automatically added in the header row of a list when the list is created.

Questions 23: What does the NOW() function returns?
Ans: Returns the serial number of the current date and time

Questions 24: Which toolbar is shown in the figure?
Ans: Forms toolbar

Questions 25: When you clear the contents from a cell, the formatting of the cell is also lost.

Questions 26: You define a print area in your worksheet, but later you select a smaller range of cells to print and then click Selection under the menu File->Print->Selection. What will happen?
Ans: b

Questions 27: when a part of a formula is replaced with its calculated value, it cannot be restored.
Ans: a. True.
b.     False

Questions 28: When you sign the stamp signature line in an office document, you add both a visible stamp and a document signature.
Ans: a. True

Questions 29: Refer to the given image, what will be the result if the formula =B3&”, ”&A3 is applied to the given table?
d. Both b and c

Questions 30: How will you reverse the direction of a Smart art graphics?
c. Under SmartArt tools, on the Design tab, in the Create Graphic group, click on Right to Left

Questions 31: Which of the following chart have no axes?                    
c. C-both a and b

Questions 32: Which of the following is not true regarding column width?
d. all of the above are true

Questions 33: Which chart type is displayed in the given picture?
b.A surface chart

Questions 34: What does the red icon indicate as shown in the given picture?
b.  it tells the user that the document contains signatures

Questions 35: Which among the following is not true regarding a calculated column?
d. Additional formulae cannot be entered in a calculated column as exceptions

Questions 36: What does the screen tip displaying “Showing all” mean?
a. It means that a filter has been applied.

Questions 37: Which chart displays axes but can not display axis titles?
a. Radar chart

Questions 38: Which file format is typically used to remove printer corruption?
c. SYLK format

Questions 39: Which of the following methods would you follow to remove subtotals?
a. On the Data tab, in the Outline group, click on Subtotal. The subtotal dialog box is displayed. Click Remove all

Questions 40: When does triangle appear in the Top-left corner of the cell, as shown in the picture?
c. When there is an error in the formula